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8/27/2010 8:44pm
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Buddy is in rehab now after his fall last Sunday morning at 3AM.  He was in hospital 3 days, transported to rehab center-which is closely  akin to a nursing home to me.  Anyway, his physical therapy is going fine.  He is sitting up now, couldn't before and he's transferrring from bed to wheelchair with effort.

My "now" concern, as opposed my 'now " concern later, =they are all important to me--Buddy's bowels are empacked-there is a large tumor which lays just beside the anus and is making the opening smaller.  We are trying a suposidory this evening.  Is the bowel empackment made worse by the tumore--its about the size of a golf ball-should I see about getting this tumor taken out of there, or try eminta - it's a rather dirty place, and I'll afraid of infection - are some suppostoris better than other? 

For those who have so graciously followed Buddy through this juorney, he had taken the frist 2 doses of IPI in Philadelphia, tolerated well, but those darn old brain mets returned.  He is on steroids now to reduce the swelling of the brain.  He is on 4mg every6 hours.  He is on the IPPI trial, which has stated they would allow only the low dose decatron for their trial.  His scheduled IPPI treatment woud be this coming Tuesday>

Some of the tumors have gotten smaller, but most have gotten larger.  Most of them are truning purple in color.

Can anyone suggust what we could do ?  The melanoma has met to the lungs, the liver and the brain.

Thanks fo all who reply - It;s been a busy week here in Maryland!









lhaley - (8/27/2010 - 9:41pm)


I can't give you any suggestions but I can let you know that I'm thinking of both of you as you go through this.  I would be on the phone to every Dr. I could think of to get suggestions on how to get Buddy's bowels free. There is no reason for him to be in this extra pain.

Sending hugs,


Kevin from Atlanta - (8/27/2010 - 9:59pm)

Hello Nancy,

I swear except for the fall Buddy and I are same patient. A few weeks ago, I took morphine for five days and it really backed me up. I took stool softners and waiting a couple of days. I finally went to the ER and got a CT scan. I have a 6 CM tumor in the intestines. The doctors gave me a all clear went home and did a Fleets enema. I was fine after that. I finished Ipi on Monday.

Did they do a CT scan? I am sure they did.

Do the enema and see about radiation in the area.



Nancy - (8/28/2010 - 6:00am)

Thanks for the info Kevin, Buddy did have a CT scan, and I'll be checking today if it showed any obstruction in the bowel. I'll take the Fleet enema with me today - in case he still needs something.  He was taking stool softners prior.

Also, Kevin, did your tumors turn purple?  Did the doctors say the IPPI in working for you?  Buddy has had two treatments so far, scheduled for number 3 this Tuesday, but Philly says he can delay that to Weds-Thur or Fri=if he can get the steroids down to lowest possible dosage. 

Good luck to you Kevin - Seems like you and Buddy react to treatments about the same way so far.......


Kevin from Atlanta - (8/28/2010 - 12:14pm)

I get my scans in about three weeks. I was scheduled for a brain MRI a few weeks ago but cancelled it for the Ipi scans.

I am starting to regret it. I don't think the WBR took care of the mets.

Anonymous - (8/28/2010 - 12:50pm)


So sorry to hear that you do not think the WBR took care of brain met.....why are you think that..do you have any sytems??

How have you been doing with IPI..what if , any side effects

Hoping you mri & scan are good.