Calling all Nexavar users-Past and Present

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8/3/2010 3:36pm
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Hi all,

Some of you have replied to my previous posts---thank you so much.  I just thought I would re post again and see if I could get more replies.  I started Nexavar last Friday.  Wanted to know what side effedts people experienced?  If your response was positive how much time passed before you started to feel better?  Was it 2 weeks or longer? 



Hi Jen

Nexevar is also known as Sorafenib so you might like to alter the post to attract others who know it as Sorafenib. I would do it for you but still am a bit lost on the new Board!

In any case our son used it as part of the Bay Trial but it was combined with Carboplatin and Taxol. Results were seen in a few weeks with SubQ's dissapearing or getting smaller. Michael got some internal reductions and was stable for 6 months until Brain got involved. I know of a couple on this Board that have had great success and i am hoping you join them.

best wishes


Thanks for the reply James.  I will repost with the different title. 

Take care,