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Carole K
3/19/2014 11:41am
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HI Everyone,

It was great to see so many of you in chat last night. It truly is a wonderful place to meet, get information and to share.  I hope al of you who came found it to me a good experience. 

My apologies to KMick.  I am not sure if I accidently did something that made me leave chat or if I got booted.  Hope we touch base again soon.  I did try to get back but couldn't even get to the main page. 

Artie and Janner thanks so much for your wealth of information.  I wish I had been able to send a copy of chat to myself.  It would have been a great piece of referrence for me.  I hae been away far too long. 

Someone asked when the next chat will be.  I will try to get there tonight at some point.  However if you are inclined just go to chat and see if someone shows up.  Or berter yet, post on the board.. 

I will try to get there tonight as I said.  It was wonderful meeting all of you,  Page, Heidi , KTab, KMich and Arthus  and Janner and Laurie , thanks so much for joining us. 

One of the chat people did say it would be nice to see some more OLD TIMERS share their story.  I will see what I can do.  in the meantime go to profiles and  search for JAG, KING, KIM K, DAVID WI, WHOHA OR LAURIE C  and I am Carole K

WE have all been where you are... HANG IN THERE AND NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP HOPE.

Love and Light


Tim--MRF - (3/19/2014 - 3:16pm)


Thank you for pushing this. I remember many great conversations on chat, ranging from new grandkids to new treatment options. Something about the real-time exchange of notes makes it seem more personal than some other ways of communicating, at least to me.  Or maybe I am just too "vintage" to appreciate the wonders of texting.

I echo your appreciation of people who have so very much expertise. The sharing of information and support through this board, including chat, has--I am convinced--saved many lives. 


page85 - (3/19/2014 - 8:59pm)

Carole, Thanks again for a wonderfully uplifting chat last night.  Page85