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8/9/2010 4:56pm
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I have a question.I'm stage 3 A Melanoma I had chest X-rays over two months ago they found several lesions doctor told me she wasn't concerned they have not changed in the last year?Anyway's my question is I have had a chronic cough for the last two months doctor again said she is not concerned.I was told by several other patients it is a sign of a recurrence or liver cancer?The cough is worse at night.I have tryed every over the counter and precriptions nothing seems to help?   

washoegal - (8/9/2010 - 8:32pm)

You didn't say where these lesions were.  If they were in the lungs, yes be very worried.  If they were not, I'd probably go see an alergist or my GP before getting too worried about it.  This time of year I have a problem with post-nasel drip due to alergies which causes me to cough at night.  It might be that simple.



Stage 3A

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ChrisB - (8/9/2010 - 8:35pm)

I have suffered from chronic cough for over 2 years.  It is mostly under control at this point and regulated by a bronchial inhaler when needed.

Since your doctor doesn't appear to be concerned, I would recommend seeing a pulmonary specialist.   They should be able to determine if there's a blockage, asthma or something else that is causing it.  They may also be able to prescribe something to help get the cough under control.  Be cautious with of the meds they prescribe because there's been some push toward Advair and others that have steroids in them.

Also, I've learned that cold food and drinks will make my cough worse where as things like warm tea will not.


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Sharon in Reno - (8/9/2010 - 10:36pm)

In summer of 2008 I started having  dry/persisdent coughs, especially at night or when I was talking on the phone, which is part of my job duties. A couple times at work when talking on the phone my throat  would all of a sudden just close yep..... I ignored it till 02/09 when doctor ordered chest x-ray which showed something. April 09 biopsy confirmd melanoma., had lung surgery a yr later 01/2010 (cuz I did systemic treatment first).

Have you had other scans? I thinking at least a CT. I don't want to scar you I just want you to stay on this until you are satified with the answers, sounds like right now you are not. Again, it's all about you being your own best advocate, You really need to know one way or the other. Good Luck & God Bless. Love, Sharon in Reno Stage IV

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dian in spokane - (8/10/2010 - 12:22am)

I have had a chronic cough since 2004 when I completed interferon (did you do interferon?) I've had lesions and/ or 'nodules' show up on my x rays, PET scans, CT scans etc. I've even had radiologists tell me I had a likely progression of my melanoma based on scans. If I happen to have some scan done after a bad cold, things look worse..but then the net time things will have improved.

Bronchoscopies have consistanly shown no sign of melanoma.

Other things that might be the culprit. COPD (do you have a history of bouts of bronchitis? are you a smoker? or do you have a history of smoking? ashtma?) There are pulmonary function tests that can help determine if COPD is likely

MAC ..which is Mycobacterium Avium Complex. It's a bacteria. If you google it, it will show a lot of hits for HIV, since it does sometimes attack HIV patients, but you can find other info on it by googling Lady Windermere's syndrome.. It's not uncommon in women over 50. MAC must be confirmed via pathology so it would take  a biopsy of some kind, but it is treatable.

I agree with the previous poster that a pulmonary specialist might be in order. While cancer is unlikely (due to the fact that these 'lesions' have not gotte worse) an oncologist might ot be the best person to deal with it. If it's not improving, then the pulmonary guys should get a whack at you!

good luck!


TAC - (8/10/2010 - 8:50am)

Not sure if I would just rely on chest x-rays. Don't know how precise the measurements can be for lung lesions. I would consider a PET/CT just to be safe. Very minor changes in the size of a lesion can indicate that something is amiss. Best of luck

Tracy Chicago - (8/10/2010 - 2:55pm)

I had a loose cough from interferon and it went away after I started taking Claritin. Just from what I've learned by reading this board, I'd go get a CT scan of the chest and also see a pulmonary specialist.. All the best to you.