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11/7/2017 11:14pm
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Hi Warriors, 

I wanted to post my results thus far in measurable data. As stated in the thread topic this is a single case study (of me). The only measurable lesion thus far (without imaging) is the large node under my left clavicle, as I am not due for my first round of treatment CTs and MRI until January. I think the results are interesting, positive, and to some degree not fully explainable except by speculation (at least as far as science is concerned).

Diagnosis graduated from Stage II to Stage IV on 9/21/17 (mets to lymph nodes in shoulder, abdomen, and porta hepatica (liver drainage).

Pre treatment screening 10/5/17 the tumor (clavicular node) measured 40mmx45mm, yes it was a big old knot and looked like a horn growing out of my shoulder!

Treatment day 1 10/10/17 (no treatment adminsitered yet) the tumor measured 34mmx41mm.

Treatment day 2 10/31/17 (measured prior to second treatment which occurred later that day) it measured 34mmx39mm.

So the interesting part of this data is that the tumor began to shrink prior to any treatment and has continued to shrink with treatment. It is a good partial response and very uplifiting for the decrease once treatment started...but what about the pre-treatment shrinkage??

Now, I don't hide the fact that I am a Christian and my faith is strong (it hasn't always been easy to keep but it has sustained me in overseas deployments to some nasty places with "inhospitable hosts"). Don't worry, I'm not here to evangelize, and in full disclosure I consider myself a "rough around the edges" Christian who cusses more than he should, doesn't go to church every Sunday, and is a very imperfect human. I also don't hide the fact that I have completely altered my diet since just prior to 10/1/17. I know neither of these things (faith or diet) are going to satisfy the empirically minded people on this board as an explanation BUT there aren't too many variables remaining other than spontaneously partial remission, placebo effect or anticipatory effect, or some other metabolic/immunologic process yet to be understood. I will say that even the docs at MDA scratched their head a little at the initial decrease in tumor volume and they certainly weren't convinced my diet had much to do with anything. My labs were relatively unchanged, no sudden surge of immune function noted (and being part of a clinical trial my labs are collected every week for two weeks, then one week off, wash, rinse, repeat (all at the same lab) and all values have remained essentially unchanged except for a slight overall DECREASE in WBC.

What I am leaning toward here is don't discount the positive, the possibilities, don't lose faith, don't convince yourself that you can't win or at least put up one hell of a fight. I don't know how the war ends for me, but I do know that I will fight the battles with all I have and so far the good guys are winning.

Stay.In.The.Fight Warriors!

Tex - (11/8/2017 - 1:09am)

I love your warrior side. You are great.

iskitwo - (11/8/2017 - 11:21am)

Keep up the fight!! God is Good!!

Anonymous - (11/9/2017 - 3:07am)

Keep 'puttin' the hurt on' this disease, Tex. I love reading your posts, you are so funny with your turn of phrase. Youl will have to share a photo of the man behind the words one day - until then, keep it up and yes, God is good.