Decadron/taper off amt

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9/1/2010 12:36am
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Buddy has been on Decadron 4 mg QID po (3 x day) for 9 days.  They will not allow him to have his 3rd treatment of IPPI until he is on low dose Decadron, or weined completely.

What is the low dose for Dacadron, and what is the daily amounts usually taken daily to get to low dose form one being on 4mg 3xday?

He actually needs the steroids to help in brain swelling, but he needs to get the IPPI treatment ASAP as Dr. sharfman has stated that IPPI would be his only chance...

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Hello Nancy,

I would call the clinical nurse. She should be able to schedule when Buddy hits the low dose and the Ipi treatment at the same time. I wish you and Buddy the best.