Diagnosed today with Nevoid Melanoma - what do my results mean?

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11/6/2018 3:50pm
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Firstly thank you for reading my message!

I am a 38 mum to do young children and currently understandably scared with my diagnosis today.  However being the positive person I am I want to find the positives in what seems a scary melanoma world.

My results are as follows:

Excision right breast 25/10/2018 RUH BATH, ENGLAND
Diagnosis of Nevoid Melanoma pT3a.
Breslow Thickness 2.3mm
No ulceration noted
There is no evidence of microsatellite or vascular invasion.
Nearest peripheral margin 1.5mm
Nearest deep resection margin 4mm clear
TNM 8 pT3a
Referral to Southmead Hospital, Bristol, England for 2cm WLE and +/-SLNB


I think I understand the majority of what the above details, but not sure on TNM 8 or if any of the above gives an indication if this cancer is a quick spreading/ aggressive cancer.  Any help you can offer me would be gratefully received!

All I want to know is that I will see my children grow up, which I know cannot be answered, but can anyone give me statistical hope?

Hoping the lack of ulceration is a good indicator and that I feel generally well is a good sign.

Any advice, help or tips on umderstanding and improving my chances are gratefuly received.




Hi Tilly 1402, not 100% sure but it would seem like they are referring to the 8th edition of the staging document that just came out this year. Here is a link to it and it compares old staging to new criteria and why they made changes. The document explains all the #'s and letter in the staging like where above they say AJCC 2A. Good luck with the WLE and SLNB!!!!Ed https://cancerstaging.org/CSE/Physician/Documents/Melanoma%202.2.18.pdf

Hi Tilly,

A stage 3a melanoma actually has very positive survival statistics.  But before you start burning up the internet looking for such, please be aware much of the data is old and in many many cases survival sttistics have improved quite a bit with the advent of new therapeutic modalities.  I do have one question though.  A diagnosis of stage 3a disease is arrived at when the presence of micrometateses is detected in your lymph nodes AFTER the SLNB.  It doesn't appear s though you've taken that step in your journey as yet?  If I am reading this incorrectly, my apologies.  However, if that is not the case, are they predicating the 3A status on the depth?  One small piece of advise if I may....the inital diagnosis knocks us all on our asses.  However, there is a lot of road in front of you and if the stage is confirmed, adjuvant therapy in which to partake.  Take it a step at a time and try to remember you are LIVING with melanoma.   Good luck and keep us posted.


Stan, TNM 8 pT3a is staging of the lesion and is not her clinical 'overall' staging.  She is stage IIA at this point.  She will remain stage IIA unless her SLNB is positive.  There is no prediction done on a pathology report.

Stan is right on the other stuff.  Survival stats are useless right now as several new treatments have been introduced in the last 5 years.  No long-term stats exist using those therapies but in clinical trials, they show much improvement over the previous options.  And stats don't tell you anything about how YOU will react to treatments or not.  So it's really better to take things one step at a time.  Have the SLNB done and then you will know whether or not you will need to look at treatments or just monitoring.  We'll be glad to answer your questions then.

Thanks for the clarification


nice to see someone else from the UK on here

by the looks of it yours isn’t too bad at Stage 2A and provided your SLNB is clear there is a good chance you will be absolutely fine.  Don’t panic too much or read too much information.  Get your surgery done and wait for the results and if all ok then move to watch and wait for the next 5 years then carry on with your life.

hope all goes well


Thank you all so much. Such wise words and positivity.

Praying for a clear SLNB and then hopefully a happy and healthy life watching my children grow up.

So grateful for your responses you have genuinely made a difference to me.

Thank you and wishing you well on all your own journeys!