Different Types of Melanoma

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8/7/2018 7:54pm
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I had a superficial spreading mealanoma with a depth of 0.2mm, staged 1a, 0 micotic rate and no ulceration.  This was two years ago.


I have found good datea on recurrence rates but I'm curious what are the odds of developing a different type of melanoma?  Feel free to direct me to research etc.


This is not an urgent question, but for my own educaions.  Thanks in advance!

AN8 - (8/8/2018 - 11:43am)

That's a good question.  I have not found in my many hrs of research anything that directs me to stats on developing a "different kind" of melanoma.  I wonder if there are any?  All I was told by my oncologist..which is in line with what I have read..is that I have about a 10% chance of developing another "primary".  10% equates to about 3x's the general population risk. If anyone else has a different stat, please chime in.  

I was diagnosed stage 1b (.44mm) May 1st.  I hope to be 2 years out like you with no recurrence or new primary.  My oncologist says after year 3, the chance of recurrence or new primary drops and continues to drop with each year thereafter.  However, we will never be a 0%.  There is always that chance.  We could also be hit by a bus tomorrow.  Living life is a risk.  Count your blessings every day and live.  

Congrats on a clean and healthy 2 years.  Wishing you many more.