Do Insurance Companies Disclose Melanoma Diagnosis to Employers?

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1/9/2011 1:00am
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Does anyone know what information insurance companies are allowed to pass on to a company about the diagnosis, condition, or treatments that its employees have received?

Specifically...I want to know...if I choose not to discuss my melanoma diagnosis with my employer, will they just find out anyway from the insurance company?

I would think that falls under the HIPPA act.  But who cares if they know.  They can't discriminate against you.

No, this is a HIPPA issue. I do not believe they can release info to your employer.

I will not stress over the things I cannot change

I dug a bit deeper regarding HIPPA regulations:



On this webpage, look at "Who can look at and recieve your health information"


They cannot provide information to your employer without your written authorization.



I will not stress over the things I cannot change

I've been stage IV for about 5 years and chose NOT to tell my employer.  Only about 4 very close friends from same employer know and they have not told anyone.  I've been able to live, work and get treatment in the shadows using vacation and sick days to do this.  My employer does not know and the insurance company that I've been blessed to work with has picked up everything and not told them