Dr Oz show- Black spot of Vagina - no prob unless sevearl cm's

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2/1/2014 2:08am
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Please write Dr Oz's show too! .......I'm getting on the SOAPBOX again. Dr OZ: Yesterday (1/30/2014) a guest made a statement about Black spots on ladies privates NOT BEING A PROBLEM unless they are several centimeters in size.. How many hundreds of ladies will die from your show's off-hand diagnosis of what can lead to their DEATHS?
Today (1/31/2014) you are talking about "skin cancer".
So far no mention of MALIGNANT MELANOMA! Is this "just skin cancer?"
"SKIN CANCER" is what people need to watch out for?.
Most of your guests said their family members have just had it removed. - Indication - NO more problem!
.....Melanoma is not just a skin cancer! --Melanoma: Isn't it ONLY skin cancer ? Where is it also found in addition to the skin? ---=(and liver, and kidney, and lung, and bone and brain and anus, and vagina, and vulva and cervical and intestinal, and stomach and esophageal, and tongue and gum and ear and penis an eyeballs, inside nose and sinuses - I'm getting tired of typing- but have not yet covered all the places "JUST MELANOMA skin cancer" can show up!) and KILL from.

................... Please, Dr OZ, please read the following cancer org article...........

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

Thanks for flagging this Jerry.  I didn't see the episode but can't imagine what the doc was thinking regarding the dark spots on labia.  We have had several people on this board with melanoma on the labia, so clearly this is an issue.


Tim, what is so bad is that the guest wasn't even talikg about cancer, so I wasn't listening real intensley until Dr Oz repeated what she had said about Black spots not being a problem unless over (2 or 7 cm?) but that if gray, they should be concerned about.  I have been trying to find that segment on the internet, but cannot find a complete presentation of the show, only segments without that persons talking.. I posted on a FB page and some others said they heard the same thing I thought I did.  I don't actually think Dr Oz was even thinking!  I want to learn the Guests name as well as aalert Dr Oz.  This is my third time contacting his show about errors in cancer related matters!  Did you know that if cancer is in the lungs it is lung cancer, if in the liver it is liver cancer, etc???

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

Staggering that someone in his position would make claims like this - I hope people do not die because they heeded this "expert's" advice.

While we are living this day-to-day, I believe most people have no idea how serious melanoma is. Personally in the past week, I have explained to a few folks at work that I will be out next week for surgery. For several who asked deeper questions, they were stunned to find out that melanoma could metastasize to your small intestine (amongst many other places as noted by Jerry above... they were under the impression that melanoma was "just skin cancer" and "no big deal." Now they are learning otherwise.



I have not posted a reply on this forum since my brother died.  I check often to see how all of you are doing and not to forget anyone.  I am posting because of how annoyed I have been since reading this about Dr. Oz's show re: this topic.  I posted a forum topic awhile back about this same disbelief that society has...esp. clinicians.  I am in the medical field and knew how aggressive melanoma is but did not realize how so until my brother was diagnosed.  I am livid that he has kind of made melanoma into something like getting an ingrown toenail removed.  I know friends who have worked with him at Columbia Pres. and they say he is a gifted doctor and he is very caring.  I just hope he is not getting distracted about making a show, putting topics on display that he has no training about.  I have spoken to many doctors who have no clue how destructive and aggressive melanoma is.  They look at me with "deer in the headlight" facial expressions about the areas of the body melanoma can begin....not just in the skin.  He has a very high audience and believe that he should be aware of the danger he is imposing society.  I tried to save my brother...but lost the battle and continue to feel gulity about not being more aggressive for him.  Since he past, I am trying my best to prevent his children and my own from this beast the best I can.

I am also going to be bombarding Dr. Oz with my thoughts about this and hope many more on this forum join in.  I will keep you posted if I get a response.

Thanks for the post.  Thank Tim for also responding and hope you can help.


Thank you.

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.