Dr's say brother doesn't have long

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8/9/2018 4:15am
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Hi to all, first off thanks to everyone for all the post I've read over the past few weeks.
Monday my brother was readmitted to the hospital after a week back at the house. The last several days he's not eating again, can't hold anything down other than water. Yesterday the Doctors came in and said his body is to week to start any treatment and he has days to a few weeks left to live. He doesn't have insurance or money so that's not helping his diagnosis at ALL. I still believe God is in control and he will turn around. My brother said he doesn't want to die and is fighting through this. Does anyone know of anything that would help get him turned around and going back in the right direction? Any guidance, information, anything would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance and God bless everyone that's on either side of cancer, the patients and caregivers.

Jason George

Damn Jason, im sorry about yer brothers health decline, i dont know his whole back ground of when he was 1st diagnosed to present but, sounds like hes battling the Heck out of it, as far as the not eating, try & get him some stuff called Megace or Megestrol, Megestrol will be cheaper {aftermarket, generic} i to had a bout of not eating for over a week & this stuff after 3 teaspoons {or tablespoons} got me fired up! miracle drug...I hope he pulls through brother & gets back in the ring with the rest of us..Love the hell out of him....Mike {stage 4 Melanoma both lungs}

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..


I'm sorry to hear about your brother.  I hope there is something the drs can do.  Can they do a feeding tube to help give him strength enough for treatment?  Maybe reach out to some of the drug companies.  Sometimes they will offer some discounts for patients in need.  I wish I knew a way to help.

Good wishes to you both,