The drug is called MSB0010445

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3/13/2014 11:19pm
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I wanted to share with you all about the trial my husband has been on at The Angeles Clinic with Dr. Hamid. With all this talk about PD-1 (we are stoked) we still need something for those that it did not work for, have been on trial already, etc.. Our first ct scan/mri is not until March 21st but Dave (my husband) has not been able to feel a couple of the tumors that were in his thigh, glute and armpit. We were able to feel before started trial. We don't want to get to excited but THAT is HUGE!!! He was a responder to Zelboraf for about 11 months and then we did Yervoy. So this could just be a late yervoy response... but who knows. He has about 7- 8 tumors currently and been treated with SRS for 2 brain mets. At this point they are saying he failed ipi. We started this current trial beginning of February. The drug is called MSB0010445 along with SRS on 1-3 tumors. We did one. And then they biopsied 2 different tumors. We have done 2 infusions and the trial is 4 and then if you don't progess you can continue. It's every 3 weeks and hour infusion. If he does progress we are SO excited about PD1 news. Anyway... Just wanted to share a trial that I have not seen anyone talk about yet. Side effects are fatigue, night sweats, and maybe neuropathy. His adrenals failed at the beginning but they believe that is still because of the Yervoy. In order to be on this trial you must have been on yervoy prior. My understanding is that it is a modified iL-2 to have low toxicity... We ask for prayers for power for healing and peace to deal with whatever comes our way! Will keep you all posted!!

G-Samsa - (3/14/2014 - 10:57am)

There seems to be a lot of interesting, cutting edge work being done at the Angeles Clinic.  There is so much promise for some little early trial phase  treatments that don't get headline news with all the excitement over the  anti-PD1 successes.  I know Angeles  also has trials on IDO1 inhibitors which seems to be viable for some.  I did notice an article pasted to this website about MSB0010445--since I made a note of it on a chart I keep.  My notes indicate that it's a monoclonal antibody fused with IL2--that it's approved for T-Cell Lymphoma and has shown great promise in Melanomia....we will all be very interested to hear about your experience with this trial and offer our best hopes and prayers.

Hoping and praying all goes well.

Anonymous - (3/15/2014 - 8:17am)

Artie, it is not my intention to hijack this important post but I think about you and your fight every day. How are you feeling?  I admire that you are still reaching out to help others. Amazing! Stay strong.

Thank you very much. I'm doing ok. I get my 4th of 5 radiation treatments today to that T10 vertebrae. I'm still walking some and maybe a little better so I think the radiation is helping. Sometimes the mel hurts a lot (especially when my head feels like a brick is on it) but I just don't think about it and it usually goes away in a few hours. At least the mri showed no brain mets so that is great.

Once the radiation dr gives the ok I'll probably try and travel first to msk in new york. After my last radiation on wed I'll be back on the taf/mek combo eventhough the onc said he doesn't believe it will work cause zel never shrank anything but we shall see.

So yeah I'm hanging in there. Sometimes I get depressed but like someone said on here no matter how many treatments have failed all we need is to find that 1 that works. That cheers me up when I think about it.


MoCedar - (3/18/2014 - 10:10pm)

Hi Artie, I just saw your reply because my post to you somehow went " anonymous". No brain mets is awesome and now it's time for that darn T10 (darn is not the word I really want to use) to get with the program and learn that you are the boss. I can't imagine how painful that met must be but you made my heart sing when you said you were walking. I am so excited for you. MSK and The Big Apple beware because you will take them by storm! You are in my thoughts every day.