Dry Heaves?

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5/16/2018 11:29am
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Has anyone experiened dry heaves? If so, what did you do to stop them?  (Please note that we spent the day at the Cancer Center yesterday meeting with his team for this issue, urinary issues, and getting IV fluids for dehydration). 

Husband started getting them occassionally after #2 ipi/nivo combo infusion. It was only a couple of times over the 3 week span. This was, unfortunately, when a nasty cold was making rounds through the family, and he got hit big time - so lots of coughing and feeling yucky (on top of ipi/nivo!). Then, after infusion #3 as cold symptoms were disapating, the dry heaves became a bit more frequent, triggered by either sips of water, sitting at the dinner table, after taking a bite of food, or brushing his teeth. Always preceded by a small cough (tickle in his throat). Often, he could avoid it if he had eaten something or had a smoothie. Now, after last infusion the dry heaves are happening a lot more frequently. Last night he had 3 bouts one after the other from 1 am to 2 am. A smoothie seemed to calm whatever triggered this. 

This is really putting him through the ringer. Does anyone have any experience with this and what can be done to stop it? Docs have no answers. 

(History - dx Stage IV Aug '17 - brain, lungs, liver, bones, lymph / craniotomy 8/'17 for largest lesion / Taf/Mek mixed response, stopped after 5 months / WBR Feb '18, ipi/nivo started 2/28/18, finished 5/2/18)

Thank you in advance for any insight, thoughts, or suggestions.


Hukill - (5/17/2018 - 1:29pm)

I had 5 combos but never experience any digestive issues. I really tried to drink plenty of fluids and would eat a PB&J sandwich everyday plus bananas to help stay "thick". I did lose my appetite and lost 28 pounds in the first 5 weeks. With everything he is experiencing I would think his immune system is reacting to the combo.

dmarie - (5/17/2018 - 2:45pm)

Thank you for the reply. We just got back from oncologist, and apparently all tumors have increased, including those in the lungs. This could be the cause. (Although the esophagus looks clear, but could still aggrivate the vagus nerve, causing dry heaves).