DVT clot in leg

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1/11/2018 2:56pm
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Hi My wife was diagnosed in August 2017 with a large nodular tumor on her shoulder/arm stage IIIB in August might actually be a III C now with the new staging guidelines that went into effect. Her tumor was fully resected with clear margins. One SLN came back microscopic positive. She then had all her nodes taken out on that side of 37 nodes only one more was microscopically positive. Started clinical trial on 11-16-2017 with opdivo every 2 weeks + yervoy every fourth infusion. PET/CT scan and Brain MRI clear in August except for a tiny 3mm nodule in one lung that ct saw. Before trial started had anther CT which showed no growth in the 3mm nodule but showed a new 5mm nodule in lung. Oncologist did not seem to worried about it. Trial had been going well until just this week when my wife developed a DVT in her leg. Her LDH is still within the normal range but has risen from like 160 to 260 now it is back down to 240. She is being treated for the DVT with Lovenox. My wife also has several other risks to get a blood clot. She is currently on birth control, she has a bi cupsid aortic valve and aortic aneurysm for the the last 18 years and had congestive heart failure and she is moderately obese. I am freaking out thinking that the melanoma has spread because I know that can cause a DVT Dr. does not seem as freaked out as me for sure. Our Dr. is the head of melanoma research at Northwestern Memorial hospital. Anybody have any thoughts on this or am i just crazy. Next CT scan is in 3 weeks. Please help

WithinMySkin - (1/11/2018 - 4:44pm)

Hi JPrince. I'm sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis, but it sounds like she's getting some great treatment with her trial. I know you're very concerned about melanoma being the cause of the DVT. However, all the OTHER risk factors you listed are much much more likely to be the cause of the DVT. I'm sure she has also been more tired and sedentary during her treatment, which can also play a role in clot formation.

It's so hard to keep our minds from racing to the worst possible scenario when melanoma rears its ugly head. But please don't let your fears get ahead of you. Take a deep breath and don't let melanoma take over your mind.

Keep us updated on the next scan!





jprince - (1/11/2018 - 5:06pm)

Thanks. I kinda thought the same thing just hearing from someone else feels good thanks again you don't know how much you reply just helped me