Electrotherapy for melanoma

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4/14/2018 4:54pm
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Hi Folks,
Does anybody experienced electrotherapy before for melanoma? Do you have any information about this treatment?

This process is not very commonly used in the United States.  The premise, however, is that an electrical charge is used to drive the drug (often bleomycin) into the cells in order to attack the cancer.  It is most often used as a topical therapy.  

Don't know if this helps you much.  Yours, celeste

thanks for feedback Bubbles, I am looking on it those days to have more information. But could not find a clinical trial yet on it.

I participated in a clinical trial using the technique, called "electroporation".  When cells are exposed to electrical charge, they open up, becoming more porous, making an injected drug more effective, or so the theory goes.

Although it was unsuccessful in my case, apparently some other participants were responding. I would think that the drug used, would make a big difference.  The charge was applied directly to subcutaneous tumors.  It was painful during the shock, but no lingering pain afterwards.

Although unsuccessful for me, and painful during the procedure, it may be worth a try for those candidates who qualify for treatment.


Hi Gary,

Thank you for feedback. I have take a look at your profile so how are you doing now? I think you were on Oncosec -IL12 trial with electroporation don't you? I am following new steps of Oncesec as well. do you use any immunotherapy drugs currently?