Elongated painless lump on side of head above ear

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9/15/2011 6:23pm
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I was diagnosed 2006 with .55, clark's level 2, with lateral and deep margins involved.  Upper left arm.   About a month ago I noticed a lump on the left side of my head above my ear. It is completely painless.  I was visiting my rheumatologist today (rheumatoid arthritis) and showed it to him.  He said it is large, at least 1 cm and that he thought I should have it biopsied.  I called my derm. and will see her Wednesday morning.  Any thoughts?  Similar situations?

I agree with your rhemumtolgist.

For what it's worth, my subcutaneous tumors were completely painless. And I also have a deep, large lipoma which is entirely painless. I'm sure there are other things that it could be as well. a cyst maybe. Is it round?

You are only going to know by getting it checked. Ask your derm if you should be referred to a surgical oncologist for the biopsy. Other diagnostic tests might be valuable as well.

Good luck! I hope it is something harmless!

dian in spokane

I had a 1.2mm melanoma on the back of my neck. On a checkup, my doc (an ocological surgeon) found a small lump behind my ear. I had it biopsied and it was negative. I definitely would have it checked and probably removed for biopsy. You probably should be followed by a melanoma specialist as well as the derm anyway. Once you are diagnosed with melanoma it's always a good idea to be treated at a melanoma center by melanoma specialists. I've given this advice many times on here (too many, some say), but I still see situations like this where it seems you have not been followed by someone who is a specialist in melanoma.