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12/31/2013 5:21pm
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Can anyone share their experience with an enlarged lymph node that turned out to be melanoma?  Was it tender to the touch?  My positive lymph node in my armpit back in 2011 was not sensitive to the touch at all.  I remember at the time the general practice physician mentioning that along with my past melanoma history the fact that it wasn't sore to the touch caused her to be a little more concerned.  I now have a slightly enlarged lymph node in my left groin that is very sensitive to the touch.  I have a check up next Monday and will obviously address it then but was curious what others have experienced in this regard.



Janner - (12/31/2013 - 7:20pm)

I think you'll find answers all across the spectrum, but "in general" - hard and non-movable is more worrisome for cancer than tender and movable. 

Thanks Janner.

My melanoma spread from my ass to my groin lymph nodes.  At first I felt no pain. made an appointment with my GP.  The night before going to hom it started hurting.  He  put me on a two week course of antibiotics.  The rational was that if due to an infection the pain should go away and the node should get smaller.  The pain went away in a couple of days.  The node continued to grow. without pain.  After the two weeks were up, I was again referred to a surgfeon again.  It was melanoma.

Do you have any antibiotics on hand?



I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

Hey Jerry,

Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately I don't have any antibiotics.  I spoke with Dr. Weiss via email and since I'm already scheduled to see him on Monday he is going to have a pathology "swat" team on standby to get a needle biopsy if needed.  I suspect it will be needed since to my untrained touch the node does feel hard and not very moveable.  What's concerning me even more than the node is the fact I've had a fairly consistent headached for a couple weeks now.  The pain is very mild, symmetrical, and basically covers the top part of my brain.  I've just started to coordinate with Dr. Weiss on this issue to see if I can get a brain MRI before Monday so we can have the results when I go into the appointment.  Oh the joy of having melanoma and wondering if every ache and pain is a recurrance!  Hope you are doing well Jerry.  Seemed like you were off line for a while there and I was getting worried.  Good to see you active on the board again.


Mat - (1/2/2014 - 10:16am)

Brian, I'm with you there--the psychological game is the hardest part (or, at least we all hope that it is-- and will be--the hardest part).  It seems like every other week I get a new ache and pain and wonder if my treatment has stopped working.  You're obviously doing the right stuff by following-up.  In my personal experience, I've found that low-grade headaches (even persistent ones) do not equal brain metastasis.  I've also found that focusing on other stuff (e.g., work, engaging with my kids) tends to make the new aches and pains fade to the background.

Anixously awaiting your next report.  Dr Weiss is great about working with one, even when we are away from his local area.  I presented to him when I had headaches and he immediately arranged an MRI.  They found "NOTHING",, but at least I have a curren t head study to shoe the Neurologist that I need to follow up on from my horse fun.  Dr Weiss is working onmy extreme fatigue now.  I've aaften been sleepin 12-20 hours a day, are not being able to actually get to sleeb for up to 36 huours at a time,  Sometimes even 10 mg Ambein doesn't put me to sleep.  Just wish I had energy when I'm not asleep!  My next apt at UVA is 3 March.

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.


I got my MRI back today and it came back clear!!!  With two solid weeks of consistent headaches I was almost certain they were going to find something.  Never been so happy to be wrong in my life.  Sorry to hear your fatigue is so extreme.  Hopefully Dr. Weiss can come up with a solution for you in March.  Have you thought about switching over to a clinical trial if one becomes available?  One of the last times I was at UVA they mentioned a new Merck PD-1 trial starting soon.  Seeing as how you've been stable for a long time I could understand why you wouldn't want to change your treatment.  Take care Jerry.

Semper Fi,


Brian - As another data point, when I moved to stage 3 I had a single enlarged lymph node... it was hard, but not at all sore to the touch. So if it is very sensitive to the touch, it could be something else. Still good to get it checked out though. 



Thanks Kevin.  Another friend of mine was told by his oncologist that it might be a good sign that my immune system has found some mel cells in a node and is actively attacking it.