Eric n Jill Ohio-how are you doing??

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10/7/2010 5:31pm
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So happy to see you are posting. How are you doing?I hope Eric's treatment is going well. Stay positive & good luck.

We are hanging in there.  He's doing a treatment that is called an Intralymphatic Treatment.  They took his white blood cells and polarized them and they are reinjecting them back through his lymphatic system.  They said they've seen some positive responses when people come in for the second treatment.  Eric's second treatment is October 18th.  You have to be hospitalized for the treatment for 5 days.

We definitely haven't noticed any shrinkage in his tumors.  His leg has been pretty swollen so it's hard to tell if the sub-q's have gone done.  The vascular tumors have been bursting so it's been a battle to keep them bandaged.  We are praying this treatment works.

He has been very sick lately and we're not sure why.  They are concerned because he's losing weight and vomitting so much and shouldn't be with this treatment.  The last Brain MRI didn't show any mets so they are sending him for a scope (Endoscopy) after he gets out of the hospital.

Thank you for asking.  This board has done so much to help us so I try to get on every now and then to help someone else if I can.

It's so sad to see those who have heart breaks for their families.  I read where Lori C said she feels like she's been ripped in half.   As a caregiver we spend so much of our life taking care of the person we love, I can't imagine what it's like when their gone.  Everything I do, I do because I love him and I want him to get better.

Again, thank you for asking.  It's so nice to know that someone is thinking about us.  :o)