Is excessive sleep good for immune system after PD-1 infusion?

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11/9/2017 12:44am
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So after I get my 3 week Keytruda infusion I almost always sleep for about 20-25 of the next 48 hours. I know this isn’t abnormal on Keytruda, but I’d like to know if this is actually good for my immune system or if I’d be better off trying to stay on a somewhat normal sleep schedule. I know the immune system behaves differently during sleep, but I’m not sure if it’s a positive thing or a negative thing - has anyone seen any data on whether staying awake and active is better or worse after immunotherapy? I try to stay active as possible on the other days, but I could probably force myself to be a bit more active post infusion if it’s going to stimulate a better immune response. Listening to your body is good, but everybody’s body says “let’s take a nap” after a treatment like this - do I listen? :)

Is this due to fatigue?  Fatigue is one of the side effects. Just listen to your body.  At least you are not on Predinisone where it gives you insomnia.  


I'm not on Keytruda so I can't really say.  I'm on Opdivo and I get tired after infusions.  I think it's best to sleep if your body wants to sleep.  I look at it like when I got sick as a kid.  My parents would make me do nothing but rest until I was well.  I do still try to keep working and doing some basic things but I nap and rest a lot more than I ever did before.  This isn't the time to push yourself.  This is the time to let yourself rest and recooperate.