Failed Bio-Chemo Need Advise on PD-1 Antibody Combo

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11/8/2010 11:25am
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I did the 6 rounds of Bio-Chemo things were shrinking well, then went on the maintenance part, did 2 rounds of maintenance then scans showed developed new tumors in the liver. There are multiple new lesions laterally in the liver in segment 8 there are new lesions in segment 5 and 6 as well. Existing tumors were stable or shrinking a little.

Dr. Weber advised I go on the PD-1 Antibody Combo Trial. There will not be any openings until 4 weeks pass, so I am getting worried about waiting so long before I can jump into treatment.

My HLA Type is HLA2 Positive so Dr. Weber said I have good options. Asked if I could go on IPI first so I could get started on something quicker, he said I would not qualify on the PD-1 trial if IPI was first, but could do IPI  if the PD-1 trial did not work.

Moffit sent slides and bloodwork to see what I am compatible with as far as BRAF & Mek inhibitor trials I won't get results for about 3 weeks.

A friend found the MRI Guided Laser Ablation trial and I sent the contact a msg to see if I would qualify

Looking for any comments or advice that I should consider while I wait.


Rocky (Stage IV Liver Mets)


I don't have any words of advice but just wanted to wish you well as you begin your new trial! 


Thanks so much for your kind thoughts.


just wanted to drop you a line and say my thoughts are with you.  I learn a lot of from following your posts and wish you the best with the next level of treatment.

pat on long island

Thanks so much Pat. I pray that we will be following each others post for many more years to come.


Hi Rocky 

its frustrating waiting for things to start. I read Delcath presented their Liver Perfusion method at ASCO this year with promising results. It isolates the liver from your body so the rest of you does not get a punch. This might slow/stop progression until you start something else.

Look up


best wishes


Thanks James, I will bring this up to the doctor. I think they do the Delcath system @ Moffit.. but not sure.


I hope whatever you end up doing will work for you.  Lord knows you've earned some serious break time from the Beast.

Hang in there Rocky!  You're a tough fighter. 



I continue to praise God in this storm, counting my blessings & enjoying my "bonus time!"

Love You Too Amy... Your posting... and that is a wonderful thing.


Wishing you the best, Rocky.


Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings.........put out my hand and touched the face of God.
John Gillespie Magee, Jr

Hi Rocky,

I read with angst your news......I too learn a lot from your posts plus I admire your steady pace of searching, researching, and keeping optimistic in spite of certain drugs not working. I am keeping my fingers crossed that things will get sorted out very soon, I known none of us like waiting! I am sending positive thoughts and wishes for your melanoma to respond to a treatment soon!



Thanks Donna,

I appreciate the kind thoughts and wishes. We are going to keep moving forward as far as I can go. And keep fighting.


Thanks Jule I appreciate the kind words.


I'm on the ipi trial, but wish I had done the Anti PD1 trial first.  I've heard very good things about Anti PD 1, and there are fewer side effects than ipi.  

I cannot comment on how waiting 4 weeks will affect you, but I know I had to wait 28 days after chemo before I could begin the ipi trial.  It is possible that you will need to wait to start any trial.  

It is good to know if you are BRAF positive, but I think the probability of a durable response is much higher with antiPD1 than BRAF.  

I hope that things turn out well for you.

Thanks stillhopeful,

I hope your ipi trial does well. I appreciate the advice and will keep it close to my thinking cap when conversations and options begin with the Dr....