Failed Mek/PI3k and on to emergency surgery

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2/27/2011 10:32pm
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Hi All,

So my husband had been responding really well to a combo study of Mek & pI3k inhibitors but after being taken off the drugs for 3 weeks to allow a rash to subside the tumour in his back has aggressively been growing and even being back on the drugs for 3 weeks has had no effect.

After an MRI on Friday they docs have determined he needs immeadiate surgery to stop the tumour from compromising his spinal cord. And most likely radiation. After that on to a new trial....

so onwards from here.....


Any advice appreciated.





i really have no advice.  The melanoma roller coaster can be one tough ride.  The hope and the disappointment.  The ups and the downs. Hopefully, that nasty tumor will be removed with no long term effects.


One day at a time.  Hang in there.


Stay Strong


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