Favorite Advice/Cookbooks on the battle against Cancer

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7/19/2014 1:12pm
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Any suggestions?  Someone mentioned a favorite book of their's in the war against Melanoma in the past month or two.  I forgot to write down the title.  I already have some books and basically know how I should eat and live, but I'm always looking for more information/recipes, etc. 

What are your favorites?

Hoping for a cure! 


Hey Terrie,

One book I read that gave me the motivation to start making changes in my eating habits was "Anti-Cancer, A New Way of Life."  It's not a recipe book but a good book for why you should really watch what you are putting in your body.  It's just an all around good book for a positive outlook in this battle against cancer.  The other thing I watched which was another big motivation for me was the Documentary "Forks over Knifes."  It's real hard to watch that documentary and not think that a diet based more from plants is the way to go.


"Eating well through Cancer"    Holly Clegg & Gerald Miletollo, MD     Ccomplements of Merck Oncology

http://www.hollyclegg.com/book_detail.cfm?id=3  Aavailoable as an e-book aand  paperback.

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

Hi Terrie,

I am a huge advocate of a good diet and exercise!  I've practiced what I've preached my whole life and STILL developed melanoma.  Despite continued adherence to such methods, I progressed to Stage IV.  I still utilize a healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables and run several miles most days.  But...like Jerry alluded to in another post, curcumin is the only thing data supports that by EATING actually changes melanoma.  Here's the data:


And....here's a rant I had on my blog about folks pushing certain diets as a "cure" for cancer.  Would that it were so easy.  Funny and reassuring, how so many have dropped off the richter scale!  But, if you're interested:


Wishing you my best, Celeste


Thank you Brian, Jerry, and Celeste!


Hi Terrie,

All the below items really helped me...and maybe they too will help others.

Have a great day,


Super Helpful Movies and Books for Your Cancer Struggle


Crazy Sexy Cancer DVD (Available to buy on Amazon) (very interesting documentary about Kris Carr, a 31 year old woman diagnosed with incurable cancer and her keeping it totally stable for 11+ years so far)

Available Movies Free on NetFlix:

Forks Over Knives

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


Books all by Kris Carr:

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor

Crazy Sexy Diet

Crazy Sexy Kitchen