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11/9/2010 3:30am
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Have you noted that FDA has delayed the approval of Ipilimumab by 3 months.  I suppose they all want to go on vacation with our president, while some of us stay home and suffer.   Since I can't get into a clinical trial, I was waiting for Ipili to be approved for my Dr. to use possibly. I am the one with heart disease also.

Dynasysman - (11/9/2010 - 4:09am)

Don't blame Obama for this one.  The FDA bureaucracy took a sharp turn toward more conservative drug approval policies after Vioxx was withdrawn from the US market (maybe 2001 or 2?) and people complained about erectile dysfunction ads on the SuperBowl.  W was President then.  In fact, Obama has commissioned the largest government spend ever on making healthcare smarter, and that was in the so-called stimulus package, not the healthcare package.

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