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Check out this huge melanoma event!

Special guest baseball hall of famer Mike Schmidt who had a terrible battle with melanoma but is now NED.

Go to:

New and Worried

I have not been diagnosed, but do have an appointment with a derm in about two months. (would like it to be sooner, but have bad insurance...) 

I've had a mole on my chest that has grown a bit in the past few months. It seems to have two different colors and is slightly inregular. 

I have attatched a picture. I understand a picture cannot diagnose Melanoma and no one on this forum are doctors, but I guess I'd just like some feedback on whether I am off base to be worried by this?

Need help with pathology report- was excision adequate??

I had an excision of melanoma in situ from my right, mid back, last June 2017. Now there is a purole spot appearing almost exactly where my melanoma was, right in the incision line. I have already contact my dermatologist regarding this. I am wondering if the excision was adequate and will include the report here :

Year of Diagnosis in Profile Section Updated

In the Profile section, year of diagnosis only went to 2015. It's been updated, so if you left it blank it can now be added. (I had wondered about year when reading a long history and it just said "January" for initial diagnosis. This year? Five years ago? The board communications guru was nice enough to fix it right away.)

Worried my doctor thinks I’m paranoid

I was diagnosed in situ at age 29, only 7 months ago. My mole was a small change that seemed to happen over night. I had been for a mole check only 4 months prior and everything went well. The change prompted me to go back in and I’m glad I did.

Lumps under skin

Hi --


I had nodular melanoma just about a year ago on my back, and now am feeling a couple of small lumps under my skin -- almost hard to detect.  I had a wide excision done and had four doses of Yervoy.  One lump is under my front rib and the other is close to the original site.  I'm waiting to hear back from my doctors on next steps, but has anyone ever had this happen where it wasn't melanoma?  If you did have lumps that were melanoma, did you have any other symptoms?  Feeling very anxious....

Pd-l1 expression level and effectiveness of nivolumab

Dear all,
My oncologist suggested me to make a pd-l1 expression level test.
I did it and I do not have pd-l1 on my tumor.

So should I use opdivo or not?
I am confused about what to do for further step.

Effectiveness of Opdivo increases with higher pd-l1 level...

Awaiting your comments.

Have a nice day.

Fingers crossed for Bjeans/Beth and husband today!

Hoping you hear good things at your doctor visits!  Happy Valentines day to you all.  Celeste