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Are extra precautions to stay away from the Flu or a cold necessary

My husband is currently undergoing immunotherapy for stage 4 melanoma due to tumors found in his lymph nodes.  My niece just called and mentioned her daughter has a small grade fever and is wondering if they should stay home tomorrow (Thanksgiving) as to not bring germs around my husband.  His Dr.

Giving Thanks

No matter where you are, or what you do - wishing all who celebrate a 'Happy Thanksgiving.'

My melanoma nightmare began 1 year ago at this time (diagnosis day before; consent forms for treatment day after) - and so I cannot help but reflect.  This year I am thankful for all the advances in medical treatment - and for all of you!

Your posts have provided endless inspiration, answers to lingering questions, and lots of support!  While the battle is different for each of us, I know we are on the same team.




Biopsy Results For streak on nail

I do not have a pathology report yet but received a call from the nurse today to let me know the biopsy of my nail matrix revealed no cancer. She said the report stated that the nail matrix tissue was completely normal. I’ve asked for a copy of the report obviously, but i was expecting some sort of explanation as to what is causing the pigmentation in my nail, this has been such a stress to me and I would like to have closure. Should I just accept that this is benign Melanonychia with no explanation? I’m afraid of a missed diagnosis.

The waiting game.....

I had my biopsy last Wednesday, my dermatologist told me I should have results by Monday (yesterday) and assured me I would have them before the holiday (Thursday). Still no results, and now I am freaking out thinking that the reason for the delay is because it is not going to be good......I emailed this morning and received a response from the nurse that they were still in process. Can someone please give me some insight, is the delay a bad thing? It's Kaiser, not sure if that makes a difference.

Round 3

Hey Warriors!

lung nodule grows after 3 years being stable?

Partner had stage II melanoma removed 3 years ago and has received CT scans and blood work every 4-6 months since then. He has several lung nodules but they've been stable this whole time. Now one of the lung nodules has increased in size fairly significantly since his last scan 6 months ago. Have any of you heard of something like this before?

Is zelboraf used anymore?

Question:  once you have been on taf/mek, can zel still be an option if needed?

thanks in advance. 

Hello Everybody!

(grrrrr FROM BACK IN THE DAY grrrr)

Just would like to let you know that my most recent MRI and chest x-rays make me 9years and 9months NED from Melanoma.  If you read my patnet you will see that I had 1 or 2 more craniotomies after 2008, but I still made it.  The last time I had actual melanoma tumors was March of 2008.  The next 2 surgeries were just necrosis from radiation that doesn't really count.  4 more months and I am officialy 10 yrs NED!