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Frustrated with Insurance Companies! Advice?

Hey everyone, so I got a letter from my insurance company, Blue Shield, that they are denying approval for the Ipi/Nivo combo. Their reasoning is that because I did Ipi and my "disease has worsened" that they will not re-approve the same drug. Then they have the nerve to say "Opdivo is not covered in patients that have recieved treatment with this medication (Ipi) because it works in a similar way to treat cancer"! Excuse me?! I would love to strangle the "physician advisor" that works for Blue Shield right now! Are they complete morons?

Nivolumab/ipilimumab, checkmate 401

Can anyone tell me something about this treatment? 4 days ago I get first dose of treatment. I have 25 lumps under my skin. Few are very big. Looks like stones under my skin. For now I don't have any side effects. Can anyone had same situation? How fast this treatment working, if will be working? How lumps disappear? How the lumps are changing?
Please, let me know if You had similar story...


Residual melanoma

On the topic of residual melanoma, what conclusions can be drawn from the WLE?

My original Breslow was: 2.85mm but no clear deep margins.

On the WLE 7 weeks later: 1.47mm. The wound had obviouly healed.

Am I to understand that the two measurements are related? How so?

Mature Data Sustain Frontline OS Benefit of Pembrolizumab in Melanoma


I thought I'd share this article for everyone out there receiving Keytruda.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy weekend. 



Advice needed on adjuvant choices

In Canada, we are unfortunately behind what the FDA approves and thus I am faced with impossible choices in my view. As a reminder I am Stage 3b with "rare isolated cells" found in one node.

1) Interferon

2) CLND and access to 2 clinical trials: interferon-pembro or placebo-nivo (I think...)

3) Watch and wait

Am looking for your wisdom please.


Possible Melanoma in Scar Site of Biopsy?


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

In early June I went to a doctor for a follow up on a broken foot. While there, I asked if she would take a look at a mole on my lower back that felt like it was growing and seemed to be getting a bit irritated. She said she thought it was likely benign but because it fit all the ABCDEs and I have a family history of melanoma, she thought we should remove it. She performed a shave biopsy and it came back completely benign. I have posted the pathology report in case it's helpful at all.


Debwray are you ok?

Just checking in on you Deb, I haven't seen as much of you on here and wanted you to know I was thinking about you :)


I need advice !

Hi all, I really need your help and advice. Sorry for the long story.

Ipi/ Nivo adverse reactions, hallucinations

     I completed my 3rd infusion of ipi/nivo and about 2 weeks after began having hallucinations and pretty much checked out. Before that it was fatigue,minor rash, but not the more common adverse reactions. My wife took me to the hospital, after they finally told her to bring me in,which was 3 weeks after it began and progressed. I remember very little of it. I was put on Dexamethasone, after a week in the hospital I was released, and now am doing good, no symptons at all, been 2 weeks.