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Nodular Melanoma ?

Does this look like nodular melanoma? Went to doctor two times he popped it. It bled but it was bigger than this the hole is there because of my doctor using a needle to pop it.


Just want opinions on people with experience

Pigment from mole border spreading to close hair

Is this something to be concern about? Or is it common??

Common mole?

I went to my clinic today and my doctor checked out my mole. I asked him if it was a atypical mole and he just said no, he told me it just looked liked a mole and continued by telling me to not listen to the internet because moles could infact have an irregular shape and have different shades of brown.
He then told me what I should be looking for is black in the mole and a shape that's more like this.

Lung mets and asthma and immunotherapy

I have several small mets in my lungs (as well as larger ones in other places). I'm scheduled to begin immunotherapy (Nivo) this week. I also have asthma, for which i take an inhaled corticosteroid (QVAR). The doctors say that it's ok to continue taking the QVAR, but it seems weird to me to be taking Nivo to stimulate my immune response while also taking QVAR to suppress the immune response in my lungs. Asthma sucks, but so does cancer.

Any other asthmatics with lung mets out there? Thoughts?


Taf/Mek update and spinal metastasis pain management/treatment options

Hi everyone! It's been a few months. For those who don't know our story, my 30-something-years-old then-boyfriend (now husband) was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma this past February and has a very high tumor burden: brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, adrenals, spine, pelvis. He had an emergency craniotomy early on plus whole brain radiation and stereotactic radiation, then 2 months later they started him on the ipi/nivo combo only to realize that his cancer was progressing way too fast, so they switched him to taf/mek just a week after his first infusion of the immunotherapy combo.

Care/Treatment options

Newly diagnosed stage 4 here. 2014, had a rogue mole remove from my elbow, staged at 2b. Area was excised and the sentinal node biopsies came back negative for melanoma. Fast forward 4 years and I have melanoma in my brain, lungs and liver. I live in eastern Connecticut and my original surgery was done at Roger Williams (RW) in Providence. I have consulted with RW as well as Dana Farber in Boston and Yale in New Haven.

Colitis from Immunotherapy

Hi everyone!  I was dianosed with Melanoma stage 3B.  I am currently doing Opdivo treatments, which I started in February.  At the end of June, I developed colitis from the Opdivo.  My doctor stopped my treatments at that point and put me on prednisone.  He says the colitis was grade 3.  I really want to continue with my treatments, but I have to completely recover from the colitis first.  Has anyone else developed colitis from their immuno-therapy treatments?  How long did it take you to fully recover from the colitis?  Were you able to re-start treatments?  Any suggestions or advice would

Questions about metastasizing melanoma

So I'm basically the most paranoid person on the planet. I just am curious if melanoma can metastasis without going through you lymph system? I couldn't really find much to read on it, mainly looks like it likes going through the lymph system. Thanks guys. Just trying to educate as much as possibe. <3

End of 2 year clinical trial

Hello All,

My husband is approaching the end of a 2 year clinical trial.  Pembrolizumab every 3 weeks, Peg interferon every week. As grueling as the trial has been, the thought of treatment ceasing is unsettling.

It seems the meds have stopped the growth of a tumor in his neck and sternum, although the tumor in the sternum is still actively present.  The sternum appears to be a very tricky area to treat. 

Confirmed recurrence in scar, treatment?

Hi! I hope everyone is kicking some melanoma ass. A couple of weeks ago I had a PET scan due to a lump that was growing near my original Mel wle scar from 2016 and the PET was clear except the lump that lit up. My dermatologist did a wle in the office and called me Friday to let me know that there was a lot of scar tissue, but also melanoma within that scar tissue. He said I would need more surgery and more than likely another SLNB. My question is pending the results of the SLNB what treatment options will be offered to me given the clear PET in my organs ?