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_Paul_ & Josh

Just checking in to see how things are going?  Thinking of you both everday, hoping a plan of action has been put in place.

xo Jen

Newly diagnosed and scared

I had a mole on my upper left arm that I had been suspicious of for a few years now. I have had moles removed before for cosmetic reasons and dont know why I never requested this one to be removed. For years people have been pointing it out and saying I should get it checked. Multiple doctors looked at it and would say its fine even though I would say I think it's getting bigger. I  wish I had just followed my gut instincts and had it removed but too late now.

Psoriatic arthritis and Pembro (Keytruda)

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone out there seems to have developed joint pain and rash patches on the skin that could be psoriatic arthritis as a side effect of Pembro (Keytruda)?  I've been on Pembro for almost 4.5 years now for my stage 4 melanoma.  Last year I developed a rash patch on my scalp that itches and burns and joint pain that has never really gone away over the past year.  I'm worried that if I continue on the drug, that the joint pain and arthritis will only get worse and will not be reversible.  Thoughts?

already posted yesterday but freaking out. (p16 mutation)


I already posted yesterday but i am very confused. I have a very high risk of getting melanoma once of multiple times in my life (p16 gene, just discovered).

I always if I watched my skin very closely and be vigilant, I wil catch it very early. But yesterday I was researching some stuff, and discovered that a mole can exist in the dermis too.

All of a sudden it feels like it doesn't matter anymore, because when a mole like that starts to turn into melanoma, and it is already 0.7 deep for example, I have a melanoma of that depth immediately.

Am I right?



I am a little bit confused so I hope someone can answer my question.

Does melanoma always starts in the epedermis?

I know that some moles are also in the dermis. When they change in melanoma is it than immediately an invasive one? So it skips the in situ part?

I hope this makes sense (I am not a native speaker)

Wish you al the best

6 Months in the Trenches: Thanks MPIP

So today marks 6 months since getting diagnosed with stage IV mel for me. The disease was very widespread when we found it, but I've had no bulky tumors as of yet. I've had a good response to treatment (PD1, XRT, femoral nail), and can only hope that continues. I'm still learning how to deal with docs (my opinion: good brains, good hearts, crappy systemic incentives), and am getting better at the emotional roller coaster so many of us are dealing with. But enough about me:

What happens if no source is found (only lymph nodes)


[First posts are always tough because I'm searching for answers but not providing benefit to others.]

My melanoma was diagnosed on Monday January 16, 2017, so I am very early in my understanding of everything. My doctors are great and are helping me at every step/day of the way.

Stage IVs: What are your Lyphocyte counts (as absolute or %)

Mine are consistently just slightly below normal (about 1.4, 19% of total WBC) and have been for months. Is this common?

Scan Results from MD...scared!!

I had my first round of scans and not totally what I was hoping for. The good part is there is no signs of mets in brain or organs. The scan did show an area of concern very close to the original surgery area on my back that was done in Oct 2016. The doctor is thinking possible melanoma in transit. She is sending me for sonogram and hoping to do an aspiration. I am currently at stage 3A would this up my staging if it is melanoma? Would I have other options for treatment besides Yervoy at the 10mg dose? Oh, also I am BRAF positive.