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Brain MRI for headache while on Ipi

I've completed 3 Ipi infusions (10mg/kg). Most recent infusion on 4/18. Headache started very mildly on 4/13. 4/18 Lab results still show that pituitary function is in the normal range (but lower than past labs). Thyroid output is below the expected range for the first time.

ipi nivo failure- where to now ?


Liver numbers elevated dose 2 of combo. Rechallenged for dose 3 , 23/ Jan resulted in more elevated AST and ALT.

Scans show diseae in Liver , Spine , Pelvis , lung Sacrum and breastbone, Had two shots at radiation which helped but was supporting myself with two hands on washbasisn last weekend heard a crack and fell to the floor.Couldnt get up again andbruising is extensive tho told no fracture.

Have been passed to palliative teams and feel so low as every grab rail, or profiling bed offer tells me things are going to get worse...

Mutiple bleeds from brain lesions

My husband has had 10 lesions in his brain the first 5 were treated sucessfully with SRS Radiation, as were the 2 in the second set. Recently (March 29, 2017) 3 more lesions were found in his brain 4 days later he began loosing balance and motor skills. Upon addmission to hospital on April 3 out was discovered line of the mets was bleeding. He had surgery and 5 days of physical rehab and came home 13 days after being admitted.

Removing all moles just in case?

Recently diagnosed, 1A, I probably have 50 moles and I'd say 20 of them or so are irregular.

Ive probably had another 20 removed in my life and the scars to me, are minor and less noticeable than the moles.

So I'm inclined to take the 20 irregular ones off - has anyone done that? Taken off moles as a preventive measure?

I'm hoping my doctor will agree - it seems safer to me and like it will help me sleep better. 


Thanks for any advice,




Side Effects - Infusion #2 and Following?

I know that everyone reacts differently and that everyone's general health at the outset is different but I thought I would ask this nonetheless.

i have had one infusion of yervoy/opdivo with "mild" side effects (although three days of nausea felt anything but mild while going through it). Infusion #2 is in about 10 days. Is there a general rule-of-thumb about the severity and nature of side effects at that time? More of the same? Same kind, more severe? Same kind, less severe? Completely different set?

Adriana Makes it to 41 tomorrow and

she stood up at PT today (with lots of help)

her strength and will amazes me.

Happy Birthday, I love you.


Survived Scanxiety & Heading to Paris!

Dear Fellow Warriors:

I lost my password and email to these boards so haven't posted for awhile, but I think of all of you so often and always want to share my news (good or bad) with family first, then you guys second!

So today I am sharing that 2 months away from my 2-year mark on this horrendous melanoma roller coaster ride, I am happy to say my husband and I finally feel stable enough to schedule our fall anniversary trip to Paris!

Help with pathology report

Hello all, I received the following report from my dermatologist, who is recommending a further excision of an atypical mole, and am having a hard time deciphering what it means in plain english.  Is it melanoma?  Is it just atypical and could, if not further treated, turn into melanoma?  I'd appreciate any help from those of you with more knowledge. Thanks in advance.  


New to this board.

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share my story so far with melanoma. I noticed a spot on my shoulder in about 2005. After mentioning it many times to my dr. And being told it was nothing it started changing more rapidly in 2013. At which point Dr still said it was nothing and saw no point to refer me to dermatologist. By 2014 I had met my out of pocket max for insurance and although my dr. Said the spot was still nothing she agreed to refer me to dermatologist (even though he will not understand why she sent me).