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Understanding pathology

About 2 years ago I noticed a pink/brownish bump on my thigh.  It was a small perfect circle. I suffer from ocd and health anxiety so I was constantly poking and prodding at it.  At one point the top got some flaky skin on it.  It never grew and the flaky skin was the only issue.  After looking at thing for 8 months I asked it be removed and the doctor said it looked fine but he would remove it.  It was 4mm and he did a shave biopsy.  

So his passing and her contributions don't go unnoticed

Samantha posted some replies to my earlier post even though she was dealing with the passing of Mickey. I am grateful for her contributions (as I am everyone's) on this forum.

From 9-29-16

Help understanding my pathology report

I am a 23 year old white male with numerous freckles and moles. After a friend pointed out a very atypical mole on my calf, I went to a dermatologist for a biopsy. I was diagnosed with a melanoma In-situ, and was okay after my dermatologist explained the excellent prognosis. I have had my WLE with clear margins. I went to pick up a copy of my pathology report for my files, and noticed the diagnosis was an "irritated early evolving melanoma in Situ". I am a bit of a hypochondriac, and it worries me that I haven't seen this exact diagnosis with my google searches.

Father has Mid Upper Forehead Breslow Thickness at least 2.8, Clark's level at least IV

We live in Miami Florida. This week my father who is diabete and 74 yrs old received the following results from his dermatologist.  Any advice and recommendations the first appointment with the oncologist is this monday. I am going with him and I want to be prepare as much as possibe.

Thank you for any information and help you can provide. 

My daughter with huge liver tumor has finally had it removed!

It has been a long time since I have posted, but I wanted to report that my daughter Jessica, who had a 14 cm on her liver two years ago, has finally had her liver resected and has NO evidence of disease!!! This will be her third time cheating death as she was diagnosed at 20 and has had initial mole removed, lymphectocmy and now half of her liver.(she is now 26) She has been on Yervoy, Keytruda, Obdivio, Y90 Radiation crystals, had three embolizations and then Braf Inhibors. While this fight for her was long and grueling, she never gave up.

Port O Cath????

I am just wondering if placing a Port O Cath is normal when undergoing treatment.  I know when I was going through chemo 4 years ago, I had 18 treatments and had a Port that made things much easier.

Is this also the protocall for Melanoma treatment?

Melanoma on the ear. 11 years old

Our 11-year old son, Ross, was diagnosed on 9/14/16 with melanoma on his ear. His slide has been seen at Mayo and UCSF and he is currently being treated at University of Iowa Children's Hospital. We met with Dr.Mo today- melanoma specialist in Iowa. Here's what I know from path report: Breslows thickness 2.4mm, Clark's level IV, mitotic index 5/mm(2), margins positive (melanoma focally present at deep margins), stage T3a. He is scheduled for wide excision and SLNB this coming Tuesday, 10/4. I'm deeply concerned about the lack of research on melanoma in children. Dr.

Troubleshooting side effects

Hi all,

Yesterday I had my third infusion of pembro and am dead tired today, with an achy body. We restarted immunotherapy after a summer (June - August) dealing with brain mets recurrences that have left my scalp very sore and tender from the radiation. I've also had all 4 ipi-nivo infusions last year.

Failed IPI, Keytruda, now on BRAF+Mek. Are there any more options once the combo stops working? (Stage IV: lungs)

Hey, so I did IPI, but it came back in my lungs. Started Keytruda but two months later ended up in the hospital unable to breathe.

Dr. switched me immediately to debrafenib + mekinist combo, which relieved the pain immediately, but I know this is only a temporary bandaid.

Are there any options for long-term results after failing IPI and PD-1? Are there any promissing new trials in the pipeline?

Any long-term lung survivors after failing immune therapy?