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Good cuttin

Greetings from the rock with rivers of fire! I hope everyone is well,always. 

Excision on Palm of Hand--Concerns about tight skin


I had a mole that developed recently on the palm of my right hand near my thumb (the one I use to write). It was removed by a dermatologist with a shave biopsy, and was diagnosed as an irritated acral junctional nevus with slight atypia. Unfortunately the base of the biopsy was not clear, so I was referred to a plastic surgeon to have an excision.

While the orignal mole and the scar form the shave biopsy are both pretty tiny (the original mole was measured at 4x4/1mm), I'm concerned that I will have tight skin on my hand.

Melanoma Vagina

Dignoised in 2017, had blockage removed and now its returned, only 3% of the population have this, no research is being done that my Dr knows of.....survival rate is 5 years....

I am 74 survived Breast Cancer and now this!

Any thoughts were be appreciated, would like to hear from others who may have this.




Doctor staged cancer before surgery

Hello all! My husband was just diagnosed with both Melanoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma (in separate locations) He had his initial biopsy done and the pathology report said..

”The lesion extends to the inked lateral and deep edges  of the specimen. 

Diagnosis: Melanoma InSitu - T Classification. “

My question is.. how can the Dr say it is Melanoma InSitu when there were no clear margins on biopsy?! Can he make that determination before wide-excision surgery? 

Thank you! 

Any chance these aren't cancer? (Waiting on biopsy)

Thirty-year-old male here, and I find myself in the same spot I was a year and a half ago: waiting on a biopsy of multiple atypical moles. I've never been diagnosed with melanoma, but there is a family history, and just today a doctor removed three "concerning" atypical moles, one each from my face, my arm, and my back.

Tiny black dot?

Anyone have a tiny black dot NOT be melanoma?

I have found a a black mole near my knee... Started 3-4 months ago as tiny weeny fleck, just about able to see, which I ignored. Yesterday I realised it had grown and is very dark. It is just under 1mm diameter now.

(I have had a lot of skin changes in last 2 years, 2 biopsies  done by dermatologist that thankfully came back ok). 

It seems that what I have read on a couple of forums, that many melanomas start like this, some even being diagnosed at stage 2 this small :-( 

LN-144 Phase 2 Clinical Trial

I was diagnosed Stage 4 in 9/17. A 1/18 scan after 6 Keytruda treatments showed considerable disease progression, so I began Taf Mek 2/18. A scan done after 8 weeks showed great response - no new tumors, some small lung lesions disappeared, most tumors shrank, several were stable.


HI All - Just wanted to share our happy news.  We welcomed our first grandchild on Sunday - a particularly momentous day that we never expected my husband to be able to experience.  He was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma in 2012 and has had many setbacks so to be here 6 years later is truly a miracle.  The picture of him grinning while holding his grandson is priceless - makes me tear up just recalling the moment!  Oh yeah....and his brain mri and PET/CT scan on Monday were outstanding with no new issues to report.  Great scans are always wonderful but pale in comparison to the baby news! 


Hey guys,

My dad is on Mek/Taf +immunotherapy and, like most chemo patients, we’re struggling with taste. He’s doing ok with food for the most part, but we are struggling to find anything that he likes to drink. Milk upsets his GI, anything citrusy is too acidic, and we had some flavored water that he really liked for awhile but is now saying tastes bitter. Even normal water leaves a nasty aftertaste. Anybody have suggestions for things they liked to drink with metal mouth/wrong taste?