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Subcutaneous masses removed. Questions!!!

Hi, I just had 2 small, moveable subQ masses excised from the back of my hand.The dermatologist said she saw no pigment, which was probably a good sign. They were white, just like the underlying skin. She also said they were not as hard as she initially thought and were very easy to excise. They came out as little round white balls, from what I could see in the specimen jar. Has anybody actually looked at their subQ melanoma when its been taken out? I know the pathologist will give the final word but does this description sound hopeful or not? Worried, of course.

First oncology appointment after surgery - advice on questions to ask?

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with stage IIA melanoma in September 2017. The mole was on my lower left leg - 2.5 mm but not ulcerated. I had a WLE and SLNB at the end of September and happy to say i had clean margins and no lymph node involvement. They told me that my first appointment with the oncologist in follow up would be in January- and it's coming up this week. (I did see my dermatologist in November for a full body check and all looks good.) I'm a 38-year-old mother of three who just had twins two months ago, so while I am exhausted I'm otherwise in good health!

Lentigo Melanoma

Does anyone have stories to tell about lentigo melanoma? My doctors told me my risks are low for recurrance but I still need to be  vigilant with every 3 month skin checks. I don't have many moles but lots of freckles and the age spots associated with sun damage on my face, hands  and back (I am 61). The research does not answer the question of am I more at risk for the other forms of melanoma. 

new drug expected this year

Epacadostat; Incyte: 

This drug could be the year’s most-anticipated cancer immunotherapy. Designed as a first-line treatment for metastatic melanoma, it’s used in combination with Merck’s Keytruda. Studies have shown that 56 percent of melanoma patients treated with the combination responded to the therapy for a median 45 weeks, and their cancer didn’t progress for a median 12.4 months. The FDA probably won’t approve the drug until late in the year, given the hurdles still facing Incyte.

Toenail Melanoma?


I am currently concerned about a brownish/blackish growth on my 4th right toe. I think I have had it since August 2017, but didn't think too much of it. Kept thinking it would go away or grow out. I was recently at the doctor for an unrelated illness and showed her my toe. She said it "didn't look worrisome" to her, but any atypical markings on the foot immediately needs to be seen and evaluated by a dermatologist. She said it could be a bruise, it could be a mole, it could be blood, or it could be cancer.

Suspicious mole.

So I currently do not have Melanoma and never have. I am 18 years old and I am looking for some advice on whether I need to get my mole checked my a doctor, and i figured what better place to ask for an opinion? I have had this mole on my upper arm since I was a toddler. It has never caused any problems, and due to its size (1.2cm) my local doctor told me, when I was  about 10 years old, that I would probably have to get it removed for precautions later in life.

Resource from the North you might enjoy

Happened across a Canadian Melanoma site called, "Save Your Skin" started by a woman who was diagnosed at Stage IV in 2003. 

One thing I found interesting is this series of patient stories some fairly new and others long term survivors in their pictures and words ("Melanoma through my Lens").  Reminded me of how I felt while in the thick of the fight and I felt it might be inspirational to others on this board: 

Taf/Mek and eye issues

First of all I want to thank those who posted on my last post. My husband has Stage IV melanoma and was on Opdivo/Yervoy. He showed progression and spreading after 12 weeks so he was moved to the Taf/Mek combo. 

We were not sure about everything at first but after reading the CT scan and more discussions with his doctor, we felt this was the correct next step.

with that said, my husband has been on Tafinlar for  about 3 weeks and Mekinist for 2 1/2 (the delay was due to Christmas and the dr wanting him to not have too many side effects for the holiday.)