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Annoying Donate Banner Pop up

When I try to post the banner covers the page.  Anyone else have this happen?

3rd Petscan results

Hi, I have been reading but not posting.  Wanted to wait until i had news of my 3rd Petscan Dec 6h.2nd Petwscan on 9/11 was great.  The 6 tumors were either no longer visible or has really shrank.

3rd Petscan and most recent showed the original 6 still shrunk, but there are two new nodules.

Report reads-(FYI-FDG activity is the serum glucosa that glows where there is tumor activity.)

SLNB for newly diagnosed T1b?

I was diagnosed with melanoma last week, and of course I have Googled myself into a frenzy. I am well aware of the masses of outdated information online, especially when it comes to indications for SNB.

Lymph nodes

What do lymph nodes with melanoma feel like? Hard? Immovable? Or do they usually move? How big is bad? Thanks!!

All I want for Christmas is.....NED!

Merry Christmas Warriors! I pray that 2018 will find all of us on the road to NED status and for more innovative ways to battle the enemy. Stay in the fight and take time to be thankful for what we have...most importantly (for those who celebrate Christmas) remember the reason for the season.

If I could I have only one Christmas gift it would be a cure for this disease and we would all share in it! You are in my thoughts and prayers...Warrior on!

Your battle buddy,


Merry Christmas MRF Family!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  Hi everyone, hope yer all feelin' okay & surrounded by friends and or Family, or hell, even being alone sometimes is just fine haha...Man this Pembro is making me tired & "blah" as hell!, im gunna talk to my Onco when i see her, thank you Sister Of Patient & one other {i forgot yer name!} for some advice, maybe a good dose of steroids will lift my butt up! i try my best {and succeed} to not sleep during the day so my sleep at night is on regular schedule so, i dont know if i should be doing this or just sleep my life away?

Beast is always there

I want to wish everyone here a happy holidays and that everyone here can be free from this horrible disease.  Although Adriana is free, I still feel its grasp on me. I find that I check in here most every day, I think hoping that I can be of some help to others or just for the conection to the community (family) here. My wish is that each of you can put  it behind you and never think of it again. I would like to share my strength and support to all who have lost a loved one or friend these past many years as well as those are fighting now.

Started my Clinical Trial

Merry Christmas to you all!

I started my trial on Monday (12 hours) with Keytruda and MGA271. No serious side effects, although I did get the chills (that went away with some hot tea) that could have been caused by a cool infusion. Returned 24 hours later for EKG and blood draws and 48 hours later for blood draws. I will receive a combo every three weeks and mono every week. First cycle is 42 days and cycles 2-6 are 63 days with a CT scan after each cycle. The nice thing is that we found this trial 10-15 minutes from home.

Scan Question

First off: Happy Holidays to my family here! This can be either a really great time of year or a really dreaded one, so I am sending huge virtual hugs to everyone.


On to the topic I hate most: insurance companies.


When I started my new job in August, I got full health benefits (score!) and all has been great.. until now. I was scheduled to have a PET/CT scan on the Wednesday after Xmas. Last scan was in September and surgery was over a month ago, so I have been looking forward to it to get a nice clean scan to start off the new year officially NED. 

14 year old child needs recomendation

Hello I'm Lorenzo and have a son 14 years old. We suspect in a very light way he could have a melanoma. The mole is In the arm