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My Dad was just diagnosed with Melanoma.  His breslow depth is 1.1mm on the helix of his ear. Mitotic rate <1mm2. He is 57 years old.  He is scheduled for SLNB Jan 2, 2018 and MOHS surgery Jan 10, 2017.  Please ask for more information if you need it.

I am wondering if it is a high chance that it spread to his lymph nodes?  From what I am reading, it seems like a low chance, but I am just looking for more information, so I know what to expect.  Hoping for good news.  I know the waiting is hard, just looking for hope.


Thank you

Is this subungual melanoma?

I'm a 20 year old Asian male. Three days ago, I noticed a single very faint brown line on my right index finger. Its width is probably 1 mm. Its very faint that when you look at it at different angles, it seems that it disappears. I also noticed a super slight ridge (I'm not sure how to call it) on top of this discoloration. However whenever I put a bright light underneath my index finger, I can't see any discoloration/dark spot/line both on the nail itself and the cuticle.


Changes in the eighth edition AJCC Cancer Staging Manual


1) tumor thickness measurements to be recorded to the nearest 0.1 mm, not 0.01 mm;

2) definitions of T1a and T1b are revised (T1a, <0.8 mm without ulceration; T1b, 0.8-1.0 mm with or without ulceration or <0.8 mm with ulceration), with mitotic rate no longer a T category criterion;

3) pathological (but not clinical) stage IA is revised to include T1b N0 M0 (formerly pathologic stage IB);

Keytruda and a merry christmas

After 27 doses of Keytruda and nearly a year of clear MRI/ brain scans and Pet/CT full body scans I have officially been removed from treatments.  Was a little nerve racking yesterday but when Dr. said your clean again and done with treatments my Christmas wish came true.  Lots of nurses and DRS. to thank and hope to see them only on a very limited basis.  Scans will continue every 3 mos. for awhile.  Its been a 5 year 3 mo. journey and hope its finally over.  Best wishes and Merry Christmas to everyone on this board you will always be in my thoughts and prayers.  Beans

New scar tissue after 3 months WLE/SLNB

Hello! I had a WLE and a SLNB on Sept 5th. While I still look like a mess, I've been assured I'm healing nicely. Margins were clear and biopsy negative. I have a 10" winding scar and still have swelling. I keep it wrapped and compressed as the scar is still very tender and sensitive. Overall though I had been feeling pretty good. For about a week I have started to have more discomfort and pain in the scar. First noticed it while sleeping. Would wake up from discomfort. I can feel small bumps that feel like scar tissue under the scar and wound area.

2nd Round Keytruda

Hay folks! hope this finds you all well & kickin some Melanoma Glutious Maximus!.. as i stated a few days  ago, i sucked up my 2nd delishous bag of Pembro, and boy im feeling blah! like i told another family member here at MRF, I feel like i have the beginings of the Flu everyday! not full on mind you, like the "Pre" feeling. Low energy, just all round blah. Then my weird issue with my Tattoos which i told you about, that their "raised", "bumpy" like "Braille" for the blind! lol..Pembro is obviously doing its job if its attacking my tattoos right?

Opdivo/Yervoy did not work- now targeted therapy

My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma in September of this year. It started on the skin but had spread to the lymph nodes, liver, lungs and bone. So we know it is bad and wide spread. He received 4 doses every 3 weeks of Opdivo and Yervoy. The place on his skin got SO much better. It was large and open and had been oozing. It is now small and not open... however his CT scan shows growth of tumors inside. The doctor was shocked - had not seen that before.

The Median Isn't the Message by Stephen Jay Gould

Hello, if you have not read this delightful essay by Dr. Gould, I hope it will lift you up!


Biopsy results... Help

Hello all

I recently had an excisional biopsy on my forearm for a pink lesion (5mm diametre)... I had (perhaps stupidly) used a few topical treatments in a vain hope of eradicating it beforehand, whilst waiting for appointments. So at the time of excisional biopsy it was inflamed, and slightly sore.

Fast forward: Excisional biopsy was 1 month ago... I was told that results would be around 2 weeks (I am in UK).