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Husband’s new treatment starts today -feeling terrified!

Hi All,

   Bill is in his sixth year of this disease. After being stable for almost 3 years he has lung nodules again. He is starting the Cleopatra regimen for breast cancer since he has the her-2 mutation (Sloan Kettering testing) and immunotherapy stopped working. 

   I greatly admire people on this board who remain positive despite difficult circumstances. I’m having trouble getting my fighting spirit back so I can help bill. Please help.



Radio check....

Hello Warriors!!

I apologize for my long absence from the forum, there is so much that has happened here in the past 6 weeks or so...I'm still catching up on everyone.

Waiting for the 18th

So, we do not know anything yet...but I am scared. My 16 year old daughter saved the sides of her hair and we discovered a mole. White and raised in the middle with a jagged dark ring around it...6mm...and a family history. We see Derm on the 18th and I am freaking out! She doesn't seem concerned, no one really does. But I am in nursing school and have seen the ugly side of cancer. Any help, words of appreciated.

Previous Melanoma in situ and worried about another mole

Hi there. 

i had a melanoma in situ diagnosed a year ago and have had many moles biopsies since then that were all fine. About 6 months ago I noticed a tiny mole on my arm was changing. My derm ( who is a melanoma specialist) said it was fine. Now it’s got a lot blacker. It’s still tiny but I have a picture of the mole from before and it looks completely different now. 

Spot under nail for weeks, hasnt moved

I wasnt worried til today... Its been about a month sunce ive noticed this spot... Ive tried scraping it away, cutting my nails short as they'll go trying to get rid of this spot... It hasnt grown out or just simply looks like a freckle but it isn't, its not all brown.. And I have a problem with letting my toe nails grow long, so I see them at least once a week up close and personal... This spot is fairly new... Ill give it two more weeks and if it hasnt moved ill call my doctor.... Anyone else ever have this? I have a pic, just cant post it here