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3 Years after Ipi

Hey folks.

First off, let me say this board is tremendous. My doctors (not my surgeon), my wife, and friends seem to think I am knowledgeable regarding my disease, but the regulars here make me feel as if I'm in high school. Back when those in high school didn't have all the answers.

My older brother was diagnosed 2010 MUP. Mets to lung and gut. He was unable to tolerate Ipi after his second(!) HD IL-2, and sadly passed in 2013. In my ignorance I didn't pay enough attention.


Hey Warriors! I hope this finds you well and either in the thick of the fight (and winning) or savoring a recent victory. Coming up on my next round of Pembro this week and getting stitches out, finally, from most recent surery so I'm fired up!! 

I've read some really inspiring posts tonight as I have been absent for several days...I have also read some posts common to all of us at one point or another in this journey and I pray that all of us find the strength each day to battle this beast.

Significant Progression After ipi and Nivo

Back in 10/2017, my FIL was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma.  Primary was Uveal Melanoma in left eye 27 years ago.

In 11/2017, FIL began cycle of Nivo/ipi through 1/2018.  In 1/2018, began Nivo every two weeks up until last week.

In February, scan showed growth in in 4x4 liver tumor to 5x5.  Also showed a number of other new mets throughout stomach and liver.  In March, another scan showed more progression (more mets, more growth in others).  

Metastatic melanoma

So my biopsy came back metastatic melanoma, melanoma cocktail. Since it is going to take 3 weeks to get into the melanoma clinic I pushed for a pet scan so I had an idea of how much cancer I have. The pet scan only had up take on one spot which was one of three more biopsies I had when the first path report came back. Can anyone tell me how the pathologist knows that the first biopsy wasn’t the primary site?


Natural Remedies for Melanoma? Bubbles vs Rob578

Hi guys. So, Is there any natural remedy out there to prevent that disease?  I see Rob578 talks about bee propolis, and I assume  Bubbles disagree with that?  

I marked three years since my melanoma in situ diagnosis, February 2015. 




Newly diagnosed - "early stage"

I was recently diagnosed and have a few questions. I went to a local dermatologist to get an "age spot" taken off my face and a mole check while I was at it. She did a punch biopsy of the spot on my face as well as a mole on my back (it's fairly large - maybe 3/4" wide) on 3/15. I've had a few mole checks in the past (I have LOTS of moles, fair skin, too many burns in the past) and this was the most cursory check I've had. Anyway, she said she was on vacation this past week so would get back to me when she returned unless something came up (which was not expected).

OK "Bubbles" and "NSnewf " You Wanted Proof Here You Go

I'm NOT advocating by any means  Bee Propolis is a cure or alternative just an enhancement.

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health 

Newly Diagnosed In situ Need help with Pathology


I have recently been diagnosed with in situ melanoma.  Would like some help with my pathology please.  I have had a WLE.  It says the following:

Excision Margins 3mm from 12 oclock 3.2 from 6 oclock.  

Ulceration - Absent

Pigmentation - present

Mitotic n/a

Lymp invasion n/a

Distribution Focal

Density Sparse

Regression - Not identified

Assoc benign naevus

growth - nested, lentiginous and pagetoid

subtype superficial spreading

Excision of scar appears complete.

Ugly duckling moles

I had an ugly duckling mole removed. The dermatologist informed me that it didn’t look like my other moles, with a different color scheme. My question is, do ugly duckling moles always contain melanoma, especially in a patient with an abundance of both typical and atypical moles? If not, what makes one single mole so different from the rest?


Diagnosed with stage 1 b melanoma on right ear on 12/2017. Had wedge resection with sentinel lymph node biopsy one of the lymph node was positive with very few cancer cells. January 23 had lymphadenectomy to remove 10 lymph nodes and a salivary gland since one of the lymph node was attached to it. Final stage 3a 

Is lymphadema common with this type of procedure? 

How is this procedure is affecting my immune system in dealing with comon upper respiratory infection and seasonal allergies, which I have?