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Decadron/taper off amt

Buddy has been on Decadron 4 mg QID po (3 x day) for 9 days.  They will not allow him to have his 3rd treatment of IPPI until he is on low dose Decadron, or weined completely.

What is the low dose for Dacadron, and what is the daily amounts usually taken daily to get to low dose form one being on 4mg 3xday?

He actually needs the steroids to help in brain swelling, but he needs to get the IPPI treatment ASAP as Dr. sharfman has stated that IPPI would be his only chance...

Thanks for any replys,

Update on Me

Hi all,

Just wanted to give an update on my status.  So, first a little history:  I was Stage 3b but in April I noticed a tiny black nodule on my left breast and then found another one on the opposite side of the breast.  Went for surgery to remove the second lesion and another black nodule was found underneath.  Everything came back positive for melanoma.  As I was waiting for the results to come back my left breast became very swollen and lumpy.  Went for a breast ultrasound and mammography which picked up at least 4 internal lesions. 

May interleuken 2 be our miracle!

So today my mom and I were waiting to see her oncologist to tell if she was approved for the Interleuken 2 therapy. There was quite a few people in the waiting room, but one couple overheard us talking about going to Buffalo. Bob and Karen were their names. We found out that Bob was diagnosed with melanoma 2.5 years ago and last September it had spread to his lungs. He has since gone through 2 cycles of interleuken and we were informed by our oncologist (with their permission) that he is NED!!!!


Next step, escape from MSKCC.

Biopsy today - scar tissue or melanoma??

Hi everyone.

I haven't posted on here in quite some time. No news is good news, right? =)

There is a mole in my scar issue!!!

I had a mole off in September 09 that was malignant melanoma. Re-excised in Novmber and now there is a small mole in the middle of the scar tissue. How common is this? DO I get it checked out asap?? I am quite worried!!

There is a mole in my scar issue!!!

I had a mole off at my GP in September and after it came back melanoma I had it a larger excision in November 09. Now I have a small mole in the centre of the scar! EEK!!! Experiences??? Ideas? DO I call my GP, Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist???

Melanoma researcher killed in car crash

Her name is Estela Medrano, and she was a scientist at Baylor who focused on melanoma.  I have pasted a synopsis of her work below for those who are interested, but must confess that I have trouble finding it.

mucousal melanoma

hi has anyone else been diagnosed  with mucousal melanoma?

Bone Mets

Hi Everyone,


This might be a dumb question but can anyone tell me if bone mets hurt????

I have been having pain along the lower part of my spine. When I touch the bones in my spine in my lower part, the bones do not hurt. However,when I am lying down then get up. I feel pain. Of course, my mind jumps to the worst scenario.

Anyone experince bone mets in the spine or anywhere else, your feedback would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks you for reading my post & replying.