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There is a mole in my scar issue!!!

I had a mole off at my GP in September and after it came back melanoma I had it a larger excision in November 09. Now I have a small mole in the centre of the scar! EEK!!! Experiences??? Ideas? DO I call my GP, Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist???

Melanoma researcher killed in car crash

Her name is Estela Medrano, and she was a scientist at Baylor who focused on melanoma.  I have pasted a synopsis of her work below for those who are interested, but must confess that I have trouble finding it.

mucousal melanoma

hi has anyone else been diagnosed  with mucousal melanoma?

Bone Mets

Hi Everyone,


This might be a dumb question but can anyone tell me if bone mets hurt????

I have been having pain along the lower part of my spine. When I touch the bones in my spine in my lower part, the bones do not hurt. However,when I am lying down then get up. I feel pain. Of course, my mind jumps to the worst scenario.

Anyone experince bone mets in the spine or anywhere else, your feedback would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks you for reading my post & replying.

Thoughts and Prayers Please

I'm leaving in about 15 minutes to start IL-2 for the first time. I'll be gone for about a week. Please send some positive thoughts, prayers, or anything my way, I need all the help I can get. See you all in a week. (fingers crossed) :)

DO you think this is from Ipi?

Husband had first dose on june 18, so it has been about 10 and a half weeks since then.  A few days ago he started having uncontrolled bms.  Prior to this he was always constipated, so we were kind of shocked.  His liver enzymes are also elevated.  He does have some disease in the liver.  He had a chest ct a couple weeks back due to fluid in the lungs and that also showed all the disease in his chest was stable, which was great news.  it just seems like in the past week his health has deteriorated quickly...  there are more bumps on his head and i even not

MD Anderson & PET CT Scan - How Long For Results?

How long does it usually take you to get your results? Had PET CT on Friday @ 1pm .

IIIC -- 13 years NED this week

At outset given odds 25% for  5year survival, because location on top of head 4mm+ tumor and numerous satellites

Bill G

Crash and Burn

I feel it most strongly after work as I am driving home in traffic when it’s quiet in the car, when I’m alone. This is when I have the most time to think about the last 6 weeks and what it means for my husband and I, and our future together. The tears are falling gently on my face as I drive home as I remember saying the words “for better or worse, for richer for poorer… in sickness and in health, I do”, when we got married 8 years ago.

Interferon and Anxiety

Hello Everyone,