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Ipilimumab as adjuvant therapy trial

Apologies if there is already a thread on this. I tried searching for it, but couldn't find anything.

That said, I'm interested in knowing if anyone is/has been on the clinical trial for Ipi as an adjuvant therapy. It is a randomized trial with a placebo arm, so you don't really know if you're getting the Ipi or a placebo.

If you're in this trial,  I'm specifically interested in whether or not you can tell if you're getting the Ipi or not. 


Melanoma lumps

I haven't been here for awhile. I am now taking strong radiation treatments for nearly golf ball size lumps on side of face and chest near armpit..  I just have 2 more treatments left. I am eating pain pills from the lump on side of face. Real sore.  My second Dr. recommended that I not take radiation, but a cancer nurse encouraged me to go see a radiation Dr.    I am now between a rock and hard place.  I don't know whether I should  ever go back to the second Dr. or not.???  I can't take anymore chemo because of serious heart disease.

tomorrow i go to Vandy

Tomorrow i go to see if i have any mets anywhere. I cant remember how long one last. i have had one before with the breast cancer but i just cant remember. Guess its the drugs im on now. I also get my 3rd biopsy. Its to check if im B-RAF positive. My Dr, said the surgeon might take out a lymphnode but it seem like they would want to do the petscan and then the biopsy,,i dunno...ive had my night meds and ranting. my minds going 100 miles an hour. Im scared to death about the petscan. Im not sure if i could handel having cancer any other place than i have already.

CT results after 12 wks of ipi

Hi Folks,
Well, I finally got the results of my Dec 8 CT scan, and it's not as good as I was hoping, but not all that bad either. I already knew that my leg and back tumors were shrinking, as I could see that for myself. But officially, the leg tumor is gone, and the back tumor went from over 2cm down to 1.6cm. The lung tumor has shrunk from 5.5cm to 3.3cm. All that is great, and in March I will resume the Ipilimumab treatment for another 12 weeks.
However, the brain is another issue.

Starting Interferon.. any suggestions to decrease side effects

We just heard that my husband TJ (st 3b) did not qualify for the DERMA clinical trial so he is going to start Interferon next week.  Any suggestions for pre-medicating or general suggestions that might decrease his side effects??

Thanks,  Kelly

NEW to board - Stage 3, Possible Stage 4 - Suggestions for Questions for Melanoma Oncologist

I visited this board in 2008 when I discovered a mass in the inguinal area of my left thigh.  I had what had been Dx as a plantars wart by my GP and dermatologist on the bottom of my left foot.  It had not gone away despite repeated treatment and I asked if it could be related to the swollen area, which my GP said were likely swollen lymph nodes from an infection.  He said no connection to what he assured me was a wart.

Only sub-q mets so far

I’ve been stage IV now for a year, but so far with only small, randomly located sub-q mets (seven total). Anyone out there with a history similar to mine? So long as the tumor burden remains low my onco and I agree that surgery is the best therapy. Disease progression to internal organs is obviously a concern, but so far there’s no sign of that. Anyone else on this slow track? Did you go through IL-2 anyway? PeterO. 

Update: The Gambler's Brain Surgery

I promised you an update...