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NBC News Story--PLX4032

Just saw the news and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams did a story on melanoma and the drug PLX4032 (I'm fairly certain that was the drug name). The story featured a 25-year-old woman who has advanced melanoma and has been fighting it for 5 years. After one month on the drug her tumors had shrunk by 50%. Anwyay it said that the drug is proving to be effective in melanoma that has a mutation that occurs in 60% of all melanoma cases. Dr. Keith Flaherty was interviewed in the story.

Depression and interferon

We have finished our interferon treatments a week ago. The wife is experiencing depression now. She was depressed slightly during the treatments. Has anyone had this problem of extreme depression after the treatments were completed.

Any News on Jerry Ellis?

Just wondering if anyone has seen or heard anything about Jerry in the last week.  I don't see anything from the last thread posted.   Last we knew, he was in Denver at St. Anthony's waiting for plastic surgery.  I know many of us are thinking about Jerry, and keep him in our thoughts and prayers.


Jim in Denver

Man's Search for Meaning

Have not contributed to this board before, but I am a Stage III (7mm, nodal) melanoma survivor diagnosed in January 2010 with WLE, SNB, and LND surgeries shortly thereafter.  Took INF for a month plus three weeks sub-Q but off now for quality-of-life reasons.  All scans are clear but working to get my career put back together (aka unemployed) after this unforseeable disruption to my life.

Thoughts and Prayers Needed.

I am currently at NIH/ NCI in Bethesda going though TIL.    Friday Aug 27 is the day I get the cells infused and start IL2.  Should complete and be home Sept 9 or so.


If anyone will be at NCI let me know maybe we can meet.



Was Just told I had this

Went to the doctor with what I thought was swollen glands and now I have Melanoma and awaiting for them to get me into MD Anderson to get it removed. I don't have the stage but the PET scan says that it has remained in my neck. Anybody got a clue what I am facing the doctor seems to have abandoned me. It is very stressful


Mack under the Knife

My husband Jim

Hi Everyone,

Knute progress

Knute's MRI shows the bleed, but no new tumors and no growth in the radiated tumors!  Yesterday new med or combination  gave him relief from the constant headache he's had since admission.  He slept hard for 2 hours and then "performed" in a variety of ways.  Practiced sitting, and the stood with help.  Repeating twice.  He was joking with me and remembered all his visitors while I was at work.

anyone on PD-1 trial?

I am look for some one that has been in this trial.  I know mom is the first in Tampa.  In would really like to talk to someone.