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New to the board

Hi Everyone,

Does Ipi cause tumors to get larger and hurt??

Hi everyone, I started my trial with Ipi, no temodor though, on Friday the 29th. Yesterday and today I am noticing my subcutaneous tumors which are large are getting larger and very very soar sometimes throbbing and hot. Is this normal?? Other side effects are just tired, Has anyone else had this?? Need some answers.. Thanks... Jolaina, Michigan

Ippy and Lump question

A little back ground - Stage three mel. Male 52yrs. Original date Jan/07left groin, localized reoccurence May/09. Completely lymphandectomy June/09

I have been on the Anti-CTLA4 trial since Oct/09. For the last couple of months, I have had this "feeling" under my right breast where I would find myself holding the area but never felt a lump or anything. I had my last clinical day/treatment at the end of this Oct. at which time I reported that I had felt small lumps under my left arm/breast area.

Leukine-not effective, published study at ASCO

E4697: Phase III cooperative group study of yeast-derived granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) versus placebo as adjuvant treatment of patients with completely resected stage III-IV melanoma.

Question to MEK responders

Hi All,

I'm just wondering if anyone on a MEK inhibitor (spefically the GSK MEK if possible) has/had bone mets? and if so did the bone mets respond to the MEK inhibitor any differently than soft tissue tumours?

My husband has only been on the trial for 7 weeks and the soft tissue tumours are causing no pain whatsever ( and they were pressing on nerves before) but the a few of the areas where we know there are bone mets are causing some pain... so we were thinking maybe they take longer to respond?

Just interested in anyone else's experiences.


Suspicious lesion familiar to anyone?

Regular skin check last week, derm is concerned at "new small pink lesion with small fleck of pigment" on my cheek. Biopsy next Monday. Anyone have anything like this show up as mel? I have had two primaries, both thin (in situ and .43).

Thanks. Always nerve-wracking waiting.

Melanoma arising in a spitzoid nevus

Hello All.

I was very recently diagnosed with melanoma arising in a Spitz Nevus. However, my story is a little confusing, and I am hoping to get some answers that my doctor wasn't able to provide.

Post from the Off-topic board: Melanoma arising in Spitzoid Nevus Author: feich

Hello All.

I was very recently diagnosed with melanoma arising in a Spitz Nevus. However, my story is a little confusing, and I am hoping to get some answers that my doctor wasn't able to provide.

Interferon and Radiation

I was  diagnosed with melanoma after a cycst was removed from the back of my head in September.

Pet/CT -clear, WLE - clear margins, SNB - neg,  melanoma 3.7

Good MRI: NED 2

I was diagnosed Stage IV in November 2008 (lymph node right groin), after a malignant mole was removed (May 2006). Everything's been cool since then, but they were watching some spots on my liver... they never changed, but still. MRI a week ago ID'd them as nothing, blood work is good, and Xrays are good.