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Stage 4 treatment at NIH story

Hi all.  It's Warren Galinat.  Some of you know me if you are regulars for the last few years.  I'm fine, doing well, and move to las Vegas to be close to my son and his young family.  I'm posting my short story one more time here for those that might be in Stage 4 and looking for help.  NIH saved me, I hope it may do the same for you. 

“White Brows”, my journey through stage 4 melanoma by Warren Galinat and in memory of my good buddy Mark……… 

Need a pep talk

I am starting the braf/mek combo trial on the 19th with should really give me some peace and comfort but I am going crazy with stress. I have all of the scans within the next 10 days and I'm terrified with what they will find. What if they find that it is everywhere? I have had about 10 subqs pop up in the last 3 1/2 weeks. I can keep myself from feeling my body - I poke and prod all the time. I don't know how I'm going to keep calm from now until next Wednesday. I know it shouldn't be that big of a deal when I feel a new subq but I panic with each one.

Do Insurance Companies Disclose Melanoma Diagnosis to Employers?

Does anyone know what information insurance companies are allowed to pass on to a company about the diagnosis, condition, or treatments that its employees have received?

Specifically...I want to know...if I choose not to discuss my melanoma diagnosis with my employer, will they just find out anyway from the insurance company?

Braf and Mek link?

Do they always go hand in hand?  My husband is Braf negative.  Is he excluded from Mek trials? 

I updated my Profile for Jim

It's under Sherron  and I see mispelled words.....I don't even care....It was hard to do the update....It's hard to come back here.  But, I worry about the other one I have grown to care about.  I wish you all the very best in your fight.

Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim FOREVER

Two shots per Interferon low-dose day?? :-(

Our 14 year old finished the month of high dose Interferon yesterday. Yay! He did very well, all things considered.

Home in VA and scanned

I made it safely back to Virginia (luckily) and finally got my Oct 1st scan that Dr Call in Colorado played games and delayed.  Dr Weiss (UVA) did his normal workup on 20 December and gave me his normal smile (especially after seeing my horse accident pictures).  He then told me that the radiology report said absolutely no growth in the innumerable tumors and also no new tumors.  Now to follow up with my PCP for lingering items from the accident and to see my dentist extra.  Dentist said that he cannot currently make me a lower plate because my upper and lower jaws do no


Haven't heard from you in a while...How are things going?