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Looking for dr or treament in Michigan or IN, OH, IL

We are in West Michigan we I am looking for a recommended physician or treatment center in the region.  It is for my father who states he is wanting to travel if that is what it takes.  He wants to fight the best possible fight.  He had an oncologist at Spectrum Health and we did go to U-M and they offered only radiation to the head for 2 weeks and then temedor.   Where's a good place to start trials?  Karmanos in Detroit?  We are open to suggestions as my dad has just started his fight with stage IV.  Please share your thoughts.  Thank you!

back from MD also responding to trial

Hey Everybody,

Just got back into town from my scheduled scans during Ipi/ temador trial. As Jim I was enrolled in the trial in August, we are on the same weeks. The scans showed an  aprox. 25% decrease in all lung nodules and the nodule on lower back has decreased by atleast  half.

I also feel so lucky to be responding to the treatment, but yet guilty because so many others are still working so hard to find something that works for them or the same trial and not responding. It makes me very humble to be so lucky, (why do I get to respond and not everyone else).

Stage IV's advice, not medical but mental.

Hi All,

My husband is Stage IV, but is on a trial that seems to be working... his next CT scan is this coming week. I can tell it's helping, his pain is less, and his energy is up.

But he's on a new drug combo that really has no statistics yet... it's a shot in the semi-dark, so it's hard for both of us to look forward since we don't know how long it will work or even if he is a partial or full responder.

Buddy has gone into Hospice

Hello All,

I just recieved a call from Buddy's wife Nancy.  After a month in John's Hopkins Buddy has entered hospice where he is resting comfortably.  Please send your thoughts and prayers to Buddy, Nancy and their family. 

Nancy posted here and at the old site frequently, recently the care of Buddy and the family orchards have required all of her time and energy. 

Confusion about findings on PET scan versus CT scan


Background information, brother dx with melanoma from area on finger that was left untreated and undiagnosed for 9 months.  Had PET scan in June which lit up lymph nodes under same arm as finger and.  Finger was amputated, lymph nodes removed, one of 22 found positive, size 4.5 cm.  Very few of the nodes had normal color.

New to site: Stage 3a

Hi Everyone, 

I've been reading over the amazing posts. What support! I had a stage 3a diagnosis last spring, with removal of the tumor on my calf and two sentinel nodes which showed a couple of micrometasteses. I declined a full lymph node dissection on my leg and the interferon. 

Does anyone else have a similar diagnosis? I have semi annual liver panels and annual chest x-rays and so far so good. 



What are some signs of Brain Mets?

Eric says that he is having problems with perifial vision.  I've noticed lately that he has been running into furniture and corners of the walls.  Yesterday when he came  home from work he had a gash and bump on his forehead.  He is a service manager at a goodyear and he said that a car was up on a lift and he ran into it.

Pet Scans

I had my pet scan done at Mayo in Jax. Fla. yesterday and, Thank God, they were clear.

IIIc for a year now.

Just an update

Hi everyone, its been a busy month for us and I finally found time to get here!  

Last month Dirk started having vision problems...Dr at UCLA said may be a side effect of the BRAF drug (they have recently added two new ones that effect the vision).  We had to visit the ophthalmologist...his vision has change 3 diopters in less than a month...they did not find any sign of Uveitis or RVO, so we are scheduled for an MRI of the brain next week to rule out Mets.  We will revisit the Dr to closely monitor his vision in the next few weeks.  


I am celebrating today...I am 6 years NED.  This is my second go with MM.   I was NED for 10 1/2 years before my 2nd MM, and am well on my way again.  Just wanted to give some happy news.  Celebrate every day and keep positive.  Good luck to all of you.  Beth  3/B