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Prospects for ipilimumab

Watching what's happening with the Avastin controversy in breast cancer makes me wonder what the prospects are that FDA will ultimately decline to approve Yervoy (as I guess ipi is being called now) for advanced melanoma. What's the speculation? The astronomical prices for cancer drugs is bound for a head-on collision with Obamacare.

Here I come IL-2

Well, I've decided to start IL-2 at U of Iowa on Tuesday(the 11th.)

On a better note I'm headed to Vegas this weekend with the girls. Short notice, expensive tickets but who cares right?

Kellie(from Iowa) Stage IV, hopefully NED after IL-2

Trying to understand the experience (and a bit of a rant)

I am trying to sort through my own feelings and emotions of the past two years - being a caregiver for Will, the whole nutty clinical trial process, doctors who should know what they are talking about but didn't - all of it.  I'm also trying to write about it, hoping that my experiences might be interesting and even useful to others. 

Excision margins and depth query - 19 days postop - do I need to go back to theatre

Hi all,

I am just looking for some thoughts about an issue that has just come up today for me.  I was diagnosed with melanoma recently (0.82, Clarkes IV, mitotic rate<1, no ulceration, no regression, brisk lymphocytes) on my lower foot not that far from my toes and had a WLE with skin graft and SLNB which came back clear thank goodness.  I have been sitting still for almost three weeks now which has been very hard on me and my family as I have a two and a half year old and a 3 month old baby.  The graft still hasn't healed all that well.

Wanted to share this since we all have questions about IPI and MEK etc

Do You Have Questions that You Would Like Answered during the Vaccines & Melanoma Therpay Webinar


Linda J.-good luck

Hi Linda,


I read in a post that you going tomorrow to sign consent forms to start the trial. What trial are you doing? I read that you were interested in the BRAF/MEK combo trialis is that the trial you are doing??

I would like to get info on this BRAF/MEK combo trial. I have been looking for info on this trial. Would you know the clinical NCT clinical trial number.

Starting BioChemo

I'm starting biochemo ( the University of Colorado cocktail) Thursday the 6th. Will be in the hospital for one week, home for two weeks then back in for one week, etc. for a total of 3 months. I would really appreciate prayers and I will try to keep in touch to let you know how it's going and what others can expect if they choose this treatment.

Nicki, Stage 3b

Emilypen, how were the 4 month scan results??

I hope everything went well today.
I'm going tomorrow to sign consent forms to start the trial. How long did it take for the trial to start from the time you signed the forms? I feel new nodes pop up everyday and I feel like the treatment can't start soon enough.

I am hoping that you got good news this week and I'm hoping for miracle results for me too.
All the best,
Linda (I'm from Barrie)

Andersons Army Bracelets

Does anyone know if they still make the black "Fight The Beast" bracelets. Mine of 6 yrs finally broke.

Thanks, mario