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More bad news need some help

Currently I am recovering from a ingronial LND and the removal of a large tumor on my hip/buttock. When I had my drains and my staples removed the surgeon took out another small lump in my pubic area. Since the i have had six "pimples" come up near my drain wounds. The surgeon called today to say that the other little lump was MM and she is worried that these other pimples are local reoccurances. I see her and a medical oncologist on Friday.

my scans are clear and I am still NED

my scans are clear and I am still thyroid is still reacting and now it is no longer “not functioning” but has bounced up to the high side LOL...also seen as good! They took pics of my thighs today and Doc laughed and said I would be famous lol...I said I am blessed...I begin the 2nd Twelve week cycle on Dec 22.

What's the latest on BRAF and Ipi?

I have taken a break from visting the board for a while and just wondering what the latest is on BRAF and Ipi? I remember BRAF was showing measurable tumor shrinkage but it only lasts for about 6-9 months and then there is agressive tumor regrowth. Has anyone had a durable response?


And I heard Ipi might get FDA approval but only for stage 4 patients. Is that still true? Has anyone had a durable response from Ipi?


Thanks and best wishes to everyone!

Tracy, 3B, NED


Thinking of both of you and hoping Eric is comfortable and you have been able to work through  some of the challenges you have been facing.


Leukine question at Stage IIIa

Good morning all,

If cancer survivor Senator Arlen Specter avoids sugar, white flour, etc., because it "feeds tumors", then so should all of us!!!

If modifying our lifestyle can lead to A Lifestyle, then why not do it?

Pray to your god, feed your body and mind properly, make smart decisions on doctors, and make smart decisions on drugs, if they are necessary.

We all have to do what we can.

Very happy

3 years NED. Thank God again.