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Upcoming biopsy anxiety

I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma on December 29th 2014 at the age of 40.  My tumor was on my left shoulder.  My treatment included surgery and I elected to complete the high dose interferon for the year.  All has been good until I went for my annual mammogram.  They found a suspicious mass on the right side. I will have a biopsy done this Friday. I know that I shouldn’t be consumed with anything until I get the pathology report back but I can’t help it.  I’m worried about breast cancer but mostly worried about it being melanoma that has metastasized. I am just so anxious.

Vulvar melanoma

Hey everyone;

Mole with black tip on my back. Is this dangerous?

My friend pointed out the mole on my back and took pictures for me. I don’t know when the black top began. It’s in a very hard to see location. Can anyone tell me if this mole seems normal?  I am broke and uninsured so getting In to see a doctor is tough.  It feels like a regular movable mole.

Stage 1 -- but now a concerning brain MRI

I'm at a loss here on what to do.  My husband has had two primaries -- one along the mandible that was classified as T1b, and another in situ on the scalp.  He has gone for full skin checks every six months or more frequently ever since.

First round of scans done!

Hello friends!

I wanted to share some good news now that I have the results from my first round of scans since starting Nivo in April.

Brain MRI — NED

Abdomen and Pelvis CT — NED

Chest CT — the smallest lung lymph node nodule gone, the second lymph node nodule significantly reduced (now 2.4 x 1.5cm), the largest mass had a slight increase (5.1x3.5cm) but Dr. Kendra believes it to be pseudo progression from the immune cells.

I had my 4th round of Nivo today and am feeling good!

New/Breslow .43/Clark's Level III /Questions

I know y'all have answered these questions a million times and I'm so appreciative of any guidance you can give.

My husband had a suspicious mole removed from the dermatology PA last week and we got the call that it is melanoma and the PA has scheduled him for Wednesday for larger excision. The path report says, in part, Breslow .43, Clark III,peripheral margins uninvolved, distance of Melanoma In Situ from closest margin .1mm, pT1a.


Hi all,

I had my Melanoma stage 1A diagnosis on June 21 on my lower left calf. On Friday I had my WLE at Dana Farber/Brigham Women's. I am now waiting to hear back about the pathology. I am really hoping the margins are clear. 

C.t scan

Hi all,

I had a followup c.t scan which found a few things one things I can't understand it said was findings :Lower chest 3mm subpleural probable dependent change left lung base (4:20) can't talk with my doctor till the 17th wondering if anyone night know what this might be. Thank you

Please Help!

I was diagnosed with melanoma stage 2a in August of 2016. I have been folllowing up with Derm consistenly  since then and all has been well. This is where I need your advice/support. My husband is active duty military and there’s always the possibility that his next assignment could be overseas and that’s where my worry comes in. Should we simply request to stay in the states to play it safe due to how sneaky melanoma can be or should we take on overseas assignments?

Waiting on Biopsy - Concerned about nodular melanoma spread to brain

Had two suspect lesions sent for biopsy 9 days ago, still waiting on results. In past two days I have had a very low grade fever that comes and goes as well as some slight numbness on face and right arm. Also have some slight pain under right arm, but can’t feel any lymph nodes. Have not had any headaches to speak of any any weakness or other neuro symptoms. I’m very worried I have nodular melonoma that has metastasized to the brain. A few days before going to derm, I had some tightness under my arm that really hasn’t gone away.