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One step closer to TIL trial

I went to NIH yesterday for the TIL trial screening. Before I started the process two nurses outlined how things were going to go during the day. They told me that after the tests and an exam by my clinical fellow I would meet again with her and with Dr. Sherry, the attending physician. "We won't be able to give you a definite answer today, but you'll have a good idea about whether or not you'll get it."

New AJCC Staging

Hi Guys/Gals,


Is everyone still posting with 2017 Stage III subgroups?

They just changed 1/1/2018.

There are now four Stage III subgroups.

Makes me so confused!


Thank you for your time.

So the question is....


Hey Guys/Gals,


Can Stage III patients go on adjuvent therapy without a complete dissection?


Thank you for your help.

Opdivo after Yervoy

I am a 36 year old wife and mother of 4 beautiful children.  I was diagnosed with stage 3b Melanoma in April 2017.  After surgical resection, I began receiving Yervoy.  After 2 doses of Yervoy, I developed hypohysitis (inflammation of the pituitary gland).  After 2 hospital stays and lots of steroids, I am finally feeling like myself again and doing well.  I do not have any longterm or lasting issues from this complication.  Before my second dose of Yervoy, my oncologist told me that with the finding from a new study, he felt like I needed to switch to Opdivo.  I opted to continue with my s

Happy and HEALTHY New Year

Hello my fellow fighters!

I haven't posted in forever, and my apologies for the absence. Sometimes you have to step away from the cancer thoughts to clear your brain.

But this year, my New Year’s resolution is to become more grateful. Melanoma knocked me down for a bit, physically and mentally, but I’m determined to get back up and be stronger and better than before my diagnosis.

Digesting last week's SLNB conversation

I have  read ,and re-read the conversation  here last week , as well  as Celeste's blog on the subject  of snb for people  with multiple  primaries . I think I  have a good  understanding  now,but wanted  to check in here before  starting  up again  with  my surgeon  in the next couple  of  weeks  to make sure ,so I can  discuss  with  him. My first  four  primaries  had depths  between .5 and .8. My surgeon  said  that since they were shy of the standard 1 mm  for the snb I  was good  to  go.

Checkin In With Ya"s..

Hi everyone, i hope all is well & kickin some butt with yer Melanoma. As for me im doing ok, i feel drained most the time, for those of you who dont know who i am im taking Pembrolizumab "aka" Keytruda for Melanoma tumors in both lungs, and im 3 doses in. My next is the 24th January, and hopefully ill do a scan soon to check my progress. Take care you all, i really hope & pray we beat this CRAP, its gettin old real quick....Love ya guys, Mike...

Modified Neck CLND Question

Hello follow warriors! Question for anyone who may have experienced the same here. Stage 3b, original tumor found on ear in May 2016. SNLB revealed 1/9 nodes to have mel in it, very small amount. 

I had a subsequent modified neck dissection, removal of 25 additional nodes with no spread. Just completed 1 year of pembro on clinical trial. 

Shoulder and arm pain before testing positive for melanoma and 2 years later pain reoccurring

In september of 2015 I had a melanoma removed from my right arm. I first noticed it in april. It looked like a blood mole. My girlfriend wanted me to have it checked out but me being me I just looked it up on Google and it looked EXACTLY like a blood mole. So I decided I wasn't going to have it checked out. in the middle of August I started to have very bad shoulder pain.(a sign from my guardian angel ?? )

What stage?

I have recently been diagnosed with a level 4 malignant melanoma with nevoid and desmoplastic components. At least 2.1mm in thickness. 6 mitosis per sq mm. All I have is the pathology report and booked to see plastics surgeon on Wednesday. How do you know the stage? Do you have to wait until it is removed? Does this diagnosis sound bad? Thanks