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PV-10 Finished and 5th round of Pembro in the books!

Hey warriors! I hope this finds you all kicking some Melanoma butt!

I just finished the trial of PV-10/Pembro yesterday and will be transitioning to Pembro only now.

Piece of mind

Hi, I had melanoma removed in August, since they have found a lesion on femoral neck and Bosniak type IIF renal cyst. My doctor said he will wait a year for follow up. Is this ok based on having had melanoma? Or should I push for further investigation? I’m worried that if I wait a year that these lesions will have grown or progressed. Just looking for a little advice.
Thank you.

Mucosal Melanoma Survivors, How long since your diagnosis?

My wife, 42 years old, was diagnosed with mucosal melanoma in the nasal passage 4/2017. We caught it early, she had two surgeries(2nd was to clear margins). Then, to be agressive, as preventive, she had 30 rounds/6weeks IMRT(radiation) then 4(21 day) rounds of chemo(cisplatin & temador). Surgery and radiation was at MD Anderson, chemo was prescribed by MDA, but administered in SC.

Most statics show a 5 year survival at 20-30%,  How long have you been fighting with MM?


Has anyone heard from Bobman?  Last he posted he was trying to get back to the mainland for treatment.

question about melanoma

Hi . which is the superficial spreading melanoma ?

Help please!

Hi community,

In September i found i have melanoma. Since then i have my moments, i try to still positive but the doubt it's a very dificult thing.

My melanoma have 0,8mm; 0 mm2 (mitotic rate), and it's not ulcered, no vertical grow, linfocity brisk.

I think because the chances now it was a 1b? It is correct?

Rare mucosal melanoma in stomach-how to choose after surgery?

My mum was dignosed as primary mucosal melanoma around cardia of stomach. The primary tumer is is a short pedicle polyps 5.7*5cm, basal part of tumor is around 2cm, it came from mucous layer. She had a ESD surgery first because thegastroscope biopsy result showed benign.

Keytruda Infusion #8

Happy New Year to everyone, Completed the eighth Keytruda infusion a little while ago. Driving back to Syracuse tomorrow. NYC is getting a little taste of Upstate NY snowfall today. So far the side effects since infusion #6 have been non existent except for some mild fatigue. Will be getting CT scans in three weeks.

good luck to everyone, Bill

Stage 3 choices

Hi all, my mum was diagnozed with melanoma in April 2013. Until the end of November all the regular scans were clear, then my mum felt an enlarged lymph node in the groin. Last month they removed it surgically and the biopsy results came back as melanoma in 3 of 6 nodes. The surgical team suggested PET scan, then local radiation in the groin and immunotherapy. However, the melanoma specialist we are seeing does not agree and suggests watch and wait and scans every 3 months. The only approved treatment for stage 3 in my country (Bulgaria) is interferon but he is against it.

Proper follow-up care for Stage 1b

Here I am with more questions. My doctor (family practice/GP) performed the excisional biospy of the mole which was later confirmed as T1b malignant melanoma. He has referred me to a general surgeon for the WLE. I meet with the general surgeon on Monday and will be asking about SNB as well.

As far as follow-up afterwards, should I just see a regular dermatologist or some other type of specialist? My GP said I can have skin checks at his office, but I would feel better about going to a dermatologist at the very least. Anyone know the best place to go in Little Rock,AR?