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Questions about recurrence in a WLE scar

I have three questions about recurrences in a WLE scar (on the thigh in this case).

1) When they redo the WLE, do they look at the depth of the recurrence and restage if necessary or does your staging stay the way it was?

2) Do they automatically check your lymph nodes even if they aren't swollen?

3) How is healing from a second WLE different from healing from the original? I had a tough time healing from the original with an infection, ripped internal stitches, and just generally slow healing. I'd like to know what to expect with a second one.

New pregnancy

It’s been a while since I’ve posted- and last time was after the loss of a pregnancy.  Well, we have (as of yesterday), safely hit the 12 week mark! My OBGYN. Has been great about me being able to come in every 2 weeks until 14 weeks to hear the heartbeat.

Financial Assistance

Hey all!

Question for anyone out there. Medical Bills! Another evil word! I have insurance. My husband and I make decent money. Obviously, getting my diagnosis last October 2017, having surgery, then having follow up after follow up and then starting treatment.....

How does one keep up on medical bills? I on hopefully on this treatment plan for only 1 year....

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

DVT and cancer

Monday’s are turning out to be hell. Last Monday I was hospitalized with colitis. The Monday before that, diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Today. I went in because I had a pain in my leg, left calf, over the weekend and I said “with the way my lucks running this is definitely a blood clot.” Bingo. It is.

My doctor told me that it may not necessarily be a side effect of my treatment (ipi/nivo) or of the myriad medicines I’m on, She said DVTs are common in cancer patients.

Advice on discolored skin?

Hi. Sorry to be here when everyone is fighting hard battles but I’m having a minor episode and have no place to turn right now. I just noticed this tan oval on my back last week. I think I got a sunburn in that exact same area but it wasn’t just an oval burn it was a wider area. And at the end of May. Wouldn’t it have been gone by now? I was careful with sunscreen but some wore off and I did t reapply well enough  

Difficulty Breathing after Keytruda

So, DH started Keytruda and is due for his next (third) infusion July 5. Since he started, a small cough turned into a respiratory infection, and then he started having difficulty breathing. Docs ordered a new CT scan 10 days ago and lungs showed more opacity and bigger lymph node involvement on the right side, plus precarinal area.  He has fluid on the outside of his right lung, also contributing to respiratory problems.(His previousCT was 11 weeks ago, two weeks before he started Keytruda.)  I did talk our local doc into increasing his lasix and lowering his BP meds

introduction and scared

I am new here.  I have had two melanomas.  One was on my calf when I was in my early 20s in 2000.  The staging was different then, I think.  I had a centinal lymph node biopsy and wide excision, and was fine.  I had another melanoma in situ in 2007 on my arm. Wide excision.  No problems.  I had my annual check in at MD Anderson over a week ago, and had a chest xray.  I just realized today that they have been calling me to come in.  I looked up my test results, and it says there is a "nodular opacity in the right mid lung.  non specific."  I am freaking out.  I am beyond terrified.

cerebral edema

Hello everyone- I am new here and my dad was reciently diagnosed with melanoma in his left leg. It had spread to the lymphnodes and through the blood vessels but the Oncologist still believed it was treatable however agressive. He was admitted to the VA Hospital about 6 weeks ago due to abnormal swelling and brusing to his RIGHT leg which only had a small spot of melanoma in it. (No melanoma detected in the brain or other major organs on PET scan)