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Didnt go to my 3rd opinion!

Hi family, quick update, and dont yell at me, i didnt go to Riverside for that 3rd opinion onco eyes, i already have a plan in place, surgery then back on Opdivo. Its the ONLY treatment i feel comfortable doing not to mention the QUICKIST way to shoot down the 5.4cm bastard out of my lung! Hes gotta go! Iv actually seen that Onco before & all he talked about was IL-2 stuff and im not ready for that yet...
So anyways ya, i didnt go, i hate that i promised my onco but, when i see her next i will have a flower/rose in hand & puppy dog ya guys

Atypical Spitz Nevus


     I want to see if anyone might have any advice for me.  I am a 33 yr old fair skinned female, who visited a dermotologist (for the first time) last month after noticing a weird mole like thing on my calf. The derm did not know what it was, and did a shave biopsy.


Hello All, 

  I originally was diagnosed with IIIA SS Melanoma of the left leg with 3 microscopic cell ins in SN, completed the full 52 weeks of InterferonA and have been NED since 2010, unitl now. I found a 2cm lump where I had a RLND and my Oncologist is sure this is recurrent Melanoma. Ultrasound of the mass shows it to be 2cm. I have not had any other testing as of yet or scans for the last 3 years. 

Question on my scan results

Hi everyone, what does nodular appearing mean?...Isnt a nodular a nodular?..are their things that look like a mass or nodular but its just something else?  Has anyone come across this before?..Thank you!!

1.  No definitive evidence of metastatic melanoma within the abdomen or pelvis.
2.  Nodular appearing left adrenal gland and nonenlarged but prominent mesenteric lymph nodes are seen, these findings are nonspecific. Attention on future follow-up imaging is advised.

Hello to All

I've been lurking w/o registering for about a year now so decided to finally "show my face".

They recently changed the way they do patient info on my centers website so I'm still figuring out how to access it all.

My first run in with melanoma was in the mid to late 80s when I had an area excised over my left shoulder blade. I was never staged as far as I know and I remember they injected me with a dye that was the made from the shell fish flamingos ate that made them pink.  I was told no problems and life went on.

Question about Keytruda

My son was 18 when he was diagnosed with Stage 3.He started Keytruda 5/3/2018.He will be getting his 11th infusion on Oct.22.They did see a few lung nodules on his 3 month scans that were 2mm and 4mm.They did not show up on his orginal Pet scan so they do not know if it was there or new.His six month no change in nodules.Im really worried for him.A lot of people told me lung nodules are common and may not mean anything.But how would a 18 have lung nodules.Has anyone else experienced this and do you think the Keytruda stopped them and will kill it?