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Has anyone heard from Kerri?

I was thinking about Jake today and wondering how he is doing.  Has anyone heard from Kerri (MomofJake)?

Immune Therapy Colitis

I have had a tough couple of weeks. Developed colitis as a result if lpi/nivo and in and out of hospital twice. Lost 15 lbs and now on major steroids but they may not be doing the trick. They are talking recimade which has so many scary side effects. Does anyone know about this treatment? Having a tough time. MIke K.

Spitzoid melanoma

My husband was diagnosed in March with melanoma, since then he's had 3 surgery's to remove it which was successful. At his last appointment with the the doctor he asked him to take a look at a very itchy growth on my wrist. The doctor decided to biopsy it. It has been 3 weeks with no results when my husband calls to find out why it was taking so long. They told him it has been sent to 2 other pathologist for review. We we're concerned but continue with life. About 4 days later I get a call from the doctor asking for authorization to do a FISH test and explain what they found.

Still Rolling

Hello everyone, I am celebrating my two year NEDversary today! It's been almost 10 years since diagnosis and been stage 4 four years. Been one hell of a ride... Picked and prodded, sliced and diced, medicated and radiated. Thanks to all for the support and great advice. Hoping to see more stable and NED posts often. Best, Paul

Scan results and anemia

Hi all hope you doing as well has can be. Been for results of scans, plus camera tests . Scans same no change normal I was told. Camera test normal biopsy test taken normal.

so had my bloods today HB bloods still low 75 started iron tablets 3 weeks ago so was not expecting big change but did talk about another blood transfusion. So going in on Saturday for 3 bags blood which should bring me up to 100. 

Question after all the test looks like treatment could be causing bloods to drop and anemia so waiting iron count back then looking at b12 infections with iron meds.

New Scan

  One year since treatment for my husband ( opdivo/yervoy) stopped after side effects were too much (made it through three). Scans since then (every three months) have been showing size reduction of tumors.  The latest scan shows nearly resolved left adrenal and resolved right adrenal metastasis.  But it also shows: Four new pulmonary nodules

. These may represent pulmonary metastases. Granulomatius/infectious process could be considered but would be less likely. Consider short-term follow-up.

New Targeted Therapy Approved Today!!!

For any one that hasn't seen the news in melanoma yet today, those that are Braf+ have another option and it looks really good with great overall survival #'s.

Lucky #13 of Pembro in the books!

Hey Warriors, 

I completed lucky #13 of Pembro treatments and true to form some thyroid issues emerged on the labs..nothing that requires correction yet, hopefully just a blip following a long B-day weekend in Vegas, but its my first anomally on labs since starting all of this. 

I hope this finds you all fighting hard, living harder, and warrioring on!


Is feeling alone selfish?

Over the past 6 weeks life has felt like a roller coster. My range of emotions has been off the charts, but I have always kept a brave face on for friends and family. (Even after my cat Harry passed away last Friday night) I just feel like if I don't keep a constant smile, that people are going to start to become upset with me. I have always been a very animated person, who does their best to keep the mood light and happy. But when things bother me or freak me out, I usually am very vocal about those things as well, which hs given me the lable of being overly dramatic.

Opdivo vs. targeted therapy

Hi everyone!!! A little background son is 17 years old diagnosed Stage 3A...he started Opdivo infusions in May. We are 3 treatments in. He is doing great so real side effects. He has complained of a little lightheadedness but he was all congested and Benadryl seemed to help so I’m not attributing that to the Opdivo..he has had a few stomach aches but again he’s 17 and eats like a 17 year old so that’s hard to count as a side effect as well...since he was diagnosed I have become an avid reader about everything and anything melanoma.