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Question about appropriate biopsy type


It's so wonderful that this forum is here and that even those of us who aren't having to fight as hard as so many of you are still able to get support and our questions answered. Thank you.

More bad news

I was just here last week despairing over my boyfriend's fast-growing lung nodules ... Things have gotten a lot worse since then. He had a PET scan two days ago and his GP called yesterday to ask if he'd seen it yet, since it's not good (so we haven't actually talked to an oncologist yet - that's on Monday - hoping against hope she'll tell us "Oh, you're still good, nothing to be too concerned about here.").

Thoughts? I do have a doc appt next Friday.

I’ve had a dark brown, almost black mole for as long as I can remember, since childhood.

however, recently it has hurt, gained a skin/scab, and bleeds/oozes clear fluid.

what could this be? 

Another Craniotomy & Gamma Knife

Hi All - After two years of relative calm, my husband, Larry, had his 3rd crainiotomy to remove a previously gamma knifed brain met that decided to act up.  He will have his 5th gamma knife procedure next week to the tumor cavity.  In addition, he has an infusion of Keytruda scheduled for Monday.  I hope we're not opening pandora's box of side effects as he did have a brain edema flare 2 years ago also while on Keytruda.  He discontinued Keytruda at that time and has been on Tafinlar.  At this time, he does not have any other known brain mets (will be checked again during the pre-gamma MRI)

Important Legislation. Contact Your Senators- Right To Try


"Still, the effort has run into criticism from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, a Trump nominee, who told House lawmakers in the fall that while he would implement the legislation if it becomes law, he opposes a federal version of “right-to-try.”

growth in lung nodule

 I am currently 3a. I posted back in Nov that scans showed a new 5mm nodule. Pet scan in Jan showed small amount of uptake (1.5) nodule 8mm.  Current scans show that nodule is now 9mm. Doctor mentioned doing a biopsy but it is in the lower left lobe and the radiologist cannot reach it by needle biosy. The oncologist said that it could also be done by VATS or that we could also continue to watch with scans. Just not sure what to do at this point. I guess at this point my question it possible for a benign nodule to have this much growth?

Flaking/Peeling Mole?

Hi everyone,

I have a small black mole that about a year ago just started to occasionally flake and peel. If I look at it with a flashlight it's two different shades of brown/black. Sometimes it even grows black areas that flake off. I showed it to my GP and she said it's benign but I'm not fully convinced.

It hasn't changed in size at all but it does look different because of the flaking and peeling and regrowth of skin.

Is a mole that flakes and peels a sign of melanoma?


Opdivo and Cardio Myopathy

Hello Mel Peeps,

Stinging mole

Hi everyone!


At first, english isn't my native language, but I hope I will be understandable.