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Taf/Mek in brain - works for me! S

Late February, after having stopped Taf/Mek for several weeks to see if Keytruda had finally kicked in, I had a 2.7cm tumor pop up in the brain along with five or six sub-centimeter tumors.  I immediately stopped Keytruda and re-started Taf/Mek.  A series of delays resulted in my having brain surgery April sixteenth.  The preop scan indicated the large tumor was 2.3cm and did not mention any other tumors (it was not comparative and was performed at a different facility than the February 27th scan.)  post op scan mentioned no tumors.

Update - the sucker's comin' out!

Hi there friends!

Just wanted to give you a quick update. I saw the Rock Star again last week and we came to the conclusion that surgery to get rid of the mela met on my arm was the best way forward.  It's too small for a clinical trial (even if I would qualify) and while we could do T-VEC or another injectable, it didn't make sense without a PD1 kicker (and at this point it's not worth doing more PD1 as it nearly crippled me). Of course we could wait for it to grow a bit bigger... but small is good.

So Monday afternoon out it comes! and I'm ok with this.

So far, sogood

Hey all...

Finished my second round of IPI on the 15th. No noticable side effects. In my meeting with my onc prior to treatment, I showed him a new growth on my chest/shoulder region. He said it was a dermal metastasis and was "clinically concerning". Any way, I still have two treatment to go, with a scan scheduled for August 1st.  Stay tuned.

New Diagnosis

Hi there,

ASCO Update from Dr. Weber

Some good results presented by Dr. Weber in a short Video for Adjuvant therapy, new targeted therapy drugs and long term Pembro patients keynote 006 data.

Time for an Update

Had my appointment with my oncologist this afternoon and the results were that the disease is stable with no new growth. Unfortunately what was still there currently remains but its wonderful knowing that it isn't growing.

Still Wearing My NED Badge!

Hello friends!

I wanted to update that my CT and brain MRI on Monday were very unremarkable! *NED dance*

Another 6 months of "regular" life ahead... well, sorta... in 3 weeks I will have surgery to repair a torn meniscus and remove a cyst it created in my right knee, so that's not going to be too fun. I'll be stuck at home recovering on disability... it's funny because I never had to go on disability or take much time off during all the melanoma madness. Hopefully after healing and rehab I'll be in a lot less pain!


Sending good vibes to you all as always

I'm scared, flaking mole

I've got this mole since I can remember (I'm 22) and I noticed black top layer of mole has flaked off and under is raised very dark brown mole. Is it melanoma? Why the top layer flaked off?

New here -- just had my 5th Excision for melanomas

Hi.  I am new to this board.  I feel a little nervous lately.  I just had two stage II melanomas excised off my right leg.  My poor right leg feels picked on. 

Changing mole- dysplastic Nevis

I have had a mole on my wrist for years and over the past two months it looks like it's spreading. My GP wasn't too concerned but sent me to the dermatologist just in case. Upon looking at it he says it is most likely to be a dysplastic Nevi. I thought these were moles that appeared aytpically. Can normal moles change into atypical moles without being cancerous. As it is so small less than 1mm and in an easily viewable place not to remove it. However it was still spreading between first appointment and referral and so am worried it could be worse.