Feeling worried :(

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11/1/2017 8:40am
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Hi there, 

A few days ago i noticed my baby toe nail had a light brown line in the middle of it, i thought how unusual as i hadnt banged it in any way so knew it wasn't bruised unless i hurt it without noticing as i do bruise easily.  I looked up on google for what it could be and of course read about melonoma :(  this has really scared me and i felt sick as soon as i woke up the next day,  I wasnt going to say anything to anyone but i decided to call the doctors and tell my partner he of course told me not to worry and hes sure its nothing but of course he has to say that lol.. the doctor saw my toe nail and said lines arent really anything to worry about however he will refer to dermatologist at the  hospital incase of trauma under the nail. Now i dont know if hes just saying its nothing to worry about to keep me from worrying or if there really is nothing to worry about.  My dermatology appointment is on the 13th November and i am so scared about it, my partner is coming with me but i am praying to god it is just something silly! 


Anyone else had something similar and its been ok?!

Any comments would be welcome :) 

Thank you x

geriakt - (11/1/2017 - 10:44am)

It could just be a toe nail fungus. Soak your feet in a solution of Epson salts and Listerine for a week and also put a toe nail fungus treatment on it. 

Anonymous - (11/5/2017 - 6:45am)

8 days left unitl i go to the dermatologists regarding this brown line on my toe nail.  Ive been torturing myself daily reading online about melanoma and watching videos and its making me so terrified but i still keep doing it i cant stop! I have been crying non stop, and just have this complete feeling of dread im going to die! I have two young children and i cant bare to leave them, they are my world! I hate what is happening to me so much i dont understand any of it at all :( wish the days would hurry up, not knowing is the worst! :( I am not eating properly can barely be bothered to dress or do anything that involves enjoying myself at all. I feel so helpless.