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6/27/2014 11:43am
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I have stage 4 and have stopped working for about 6 months, currently on the GSK combo. I have successfully obtained copay help through Chronic Fund foundation, for those of you needing help with prescription copay, their approval process is 24hrs. I submitted online application, 2 days later, I was approved. For those of you needing financial help, this is a good place.

I am unsure where to go for help with my mortgage? I don't know if I should tell my lender about my diagnose, I am still current on my mortgage, but finding it harder & harder to make the payments. Has anyone reached out to their lender and obtained a successful outcome?

Anonymous - (6/28/2014 - 10:57pm)

Since u are Melanoma stage IV you are on the Compassionate Allowances approved list for fast tracking at the Social Security Administration.  If you are unable to work you will be fast tracked and probably receive an approval within 2 weeks of having all your docs and medical proofs submitted. You can claim disability payments back to a specific diagnosis date at which you were unable to work. I apologize but can't give more info on the differences between SSDA and SSA as one is needs based and the other a function of your pay in. After disability approval you are approved for Medicare within 24-36 months I think. Please look into it on the web or consult a Social Security Disability specialty attorney.  Definitly book an appointment with your local SS office for more help. This isn't welfare but this is a fund you have likely paid into for your entire career so you are justified in applying for this early distribution. You get it early as the mortality tables point out that a fair number of stage IV patients aren't collecting Social Security deep into old age. Not that anything is wrong with welfare for those in need but just making a point that this is a resource you have already invested in. Good luck.  

mbaelaporte - (7/2/2014 - 1:45pm)

if you go SSDisability -  I went to SS office and was given a number to call - the operator suggested the disability route and scheduled an appointment and the facilitator got me on the rolls within six weeks and I received a lump sum payment for app. 12 months since I had been dignosed.

Hopefully no need for attorney