First scan results on keydruda

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11/16/2017 12:03pm
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Hi all, hope you all as well has can be. Been a tough few months a lot happening at home and me on treatment.


went today for bloods had scans last week was not expecting results today but consultant had a look due to MRI on head was back but body was not. Head still clear tumour in head as now resolved no evidence of tumour., Body was not back but lympth nodes in chest 2 there was enlarged have shrunk. So he was pleased with results. Thyroid increasing dose to 75mg from 50mg. Side effects for me have been musle cramps in ribs and the trips to the loo . 

Been a emotional few months have been feeling down and my mum had a stroke. So if I have not been online much sorry.

There seems to be a lot of new people on line so I would say welcome and you have come to a wounderful place for support. There is lots on board who have great knowledge of this disease and very much needed.

Thank you all for all your support would not know what I would do without you all.


Sorry to hear about your mom. As if life hasn't piled enough on your doorstep already. Ugh. Great news on the brain lesion and shrinking lymph nodes though! 

Hi Scooby - This does sound like you'll have two excellent reports in soon - hope the 2nd is as good as the first and that Keytruda is your "magic pill." All fingers crossed for you!!!! And I hope your mom is recovering!!! Best, always!


Hey Scooby,

Sorry for what must be very difficult for you and your mom!!!  Hope she does as well as possible as soon as possible.  Oh the flip side...your scan results sound very promising indeed!!!  I am so happy for you!  I hope only good news continues.  Hang in there.  Love, celeste


Sorry to hear about your mom and happy to hear about your results so far! Thank you for checking in.



Nice to meet ya Scoob im Mike & im fairly new here, and im sorry about your Mom & hope she bounces back as best a possible. Im right behind you brother, i start Pembro Nov 22nd {2017} and even right now as i read yer post, yet another success story of Keytruda kickin "arce" and takin' names! good on you Scooby, more good news comes your way, youll see...

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..