First stage of TIL trial complete

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2/8/2018 7:56pm
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I just got home a bit ago from NIH after undergoing surgery yesterdat and apheresis today.

Now it's wait and see if they are able to get my cells to grow. We should know in about three weeks. Dr. Goff explained to me that they have recently changed the protocol so that now they are doing genomic mapping in an effort to get your cells to better identify the tumor cells as foreign and more efficiently attack them. Because of that it now takes 10-12 weeks to prepare the cells.

So it will hopefully be back to NIH sometime in May to complete this process.


Bill, glad to hear.  Getting the NIH to admit you and perform the surgery is itself a major accomplishment.  Looking forward to hearing about May.

Way to get her done!!!  Will keep fingers and toes crossed til May!!!  c

Glad to here the process has started Bill!!! What were your first impression's of the medical team?


I was very impressed with the entire setup at NIH. Dr. Goff is obviously a very skilled surgeon. The tumor they removed in an axillary lymph node was pretty near the surface and easy to get at, but I expected a little post op pain. I have had nothing more than some minor soreness and haven't needed any pain meds at all.

Dr. Shindorf, my clinical fellow, is friendly and easy to talk to and she explains things very well. The floor nurses, nursing assistants, various technicians....all wonderful.

I have been telling people NIH isn't doing cutting edge medicine. The cutting edge is way behind anything they are doing there. They are light years ahead.


Good luck Bill, hope this will work and hope too you are feeling OK

best wishes Mark


Great to hear your impressions of NIH. Wishing you a continued breezy recovery. Keep us posted on outcomes. ~ Carol