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9/12/2017 2:50pm
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I received my quarterly scans a few days ago and the tumor on my lung has shrunk to 14 x 14 mm.  My doctor thinks this could very well just be scar tissue and there is no longer an active tumor there.  We will do a PET scan in December and will determine at that time where things stand.  She thinks that I may be a complete responder to the treatment and could very well be NED in December.  To be honest I am kind of in disbelief.  I guess living life 1 day at a time goes both ways.

I just want to offer encouragment to those who are currently undergoing treatment or will undergo treatment in the future.  Even if you are experiencing rough side effects it could be worth it.  I approached the threshhold of just about every major side effect the Ipi/Nivo combo had to offer and was only able to tolerate 3 infusions before I had severe gastritus.  Some people don't have bad experiences with side effects but for those of us who do - hang in there.  Who knows maybe they are a good sign.

Early on in my process of sorting through my diagnosis I was given great advice on this board that was very helpful for me.  Thank you to everyone who gives of their time to share their experinces and knowledge with the rest of us. 

I wish you all the best and hopefully one day soon this disease will no longer be life threatning. 

That is awesome news! What a great Christmas present that would make:) Thank you for your post. My husband is stage iv, and on the opdivo/yervoy. He has had two treatments, however his third we chose to use just the opdivo because he was so weak. He has the miserable side effects, and I am glad you mentioned the gas issue....that is what he is dealing with right now. We are praying that the tumors start shrinking to give him some relief. His abdomen is filled with them, crushing his bladder, kidney's and stomach. Keep posting, looking forward to hearing good things. Stay NED

Jahendry12 - (9/12/2017 - 10:22pm)

Thanks for sharing your great news. Gives others hope and encouragement. Sounds like you had some wicked side effects, but it sounds like it was worth it!  I agree with you. So thankful for this forum and the people on it. 

Please keep us posted and I wish you only the best. 

Mat - (9/14/2017 - 5:38am)

Great news Nick!  Very glad to hear.

Bubbles - (9/14/2017 - 4:54pm)