Happy March 17th- (a little late)

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3/19/2017 8:08pm
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Happy St Patrick's Day !  Today marks 2 years since we found out I have Metastatic Melanoma- in the past 2 years I've had 9 brain tumors, radiation necrosis, 4 lung tumors and the more recent cancer in my spine (leptomenengeal cancer in my spine and nerve roots of the vertebrae and the meninges surrounding my spine.  New brain scans on the 29th!  If the brain swelling looks good. Keytruda round2...and I'm quite happily still alive!!

Also, seizures, a dvt, and 2 pulmonary embolisms. 

And the brain drain- vp shunt and the IVC filter.  The shunt hurt.  Like a craniotomy c-section all at once...  I got to watch the IVC filter being installed on a big monitor over me and I could ask questions during the procedure.


i asked the neurosurgeon what color brain mets were when he removed the first one and he said a purplish color.  Someone discussed that once here.

Hi Gwen,

Happy St Paddy's to you, too!  Hoping your scans are good on 29th.  You are a real fighter with everything you have been through.  What amazing strength you have.

may you have the luck of the Irish!


Thank you!  Blessings on your Amazing and Powerful Family!  Prayers to St Peregrine, the Patron Saint for Cancer ...for all of Us as we continue to experience this evil.  There is not much else I can do other than get up every day.

Gewn, sorry to hear about the recent challenges, but glad to see that you're in good spirits.  Best of luck with the scans and hope for success with Keytruda.

What a two years you've had Gwen. Hope you can get that 2nd round of Keytruda quickly. Congrats on the hard earned two years.