Headed in For Surgery Today

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2/3/2014 7:22am
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Bowel resection surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning but I am being admitted today for bowel prep, bloodwork, EKG, and chest x-ray. I have really not been looking forward to this as I still feel really good physically and I know this surgery is going to knock me down a few notches for a while. My hope is they get in there, take it out, and return me to NED status (albeit at stage 4). I am very comfortable with the surgeon (Dr. Stewart) who is also my melanoma specialist at Wake Forest Baptist Health.

Despite a terrible football game last night, I was at least able to enjoy some good food and drink prior to the surgery.

Wish me luck.


POW - (2/3/2014 - 8:05am)

Good luck to you, Kevin! Yes, you will probably have an uncomfortable week or two of recovery, but so does everybody who has to have gall bladder surgery or an appendectomy or a hysterectomy, etc. etc. I have had such abdominal surgeries (three times!) and the recovery is not so bad. Or maybe I'm just used to it by now. ;-)

Remember-- most melanoma patients have to wait months and months and suffer repeated "scanxiety" to get rid of their tumors. For you, your tumors will be gone TOMORROW! Gone! Focus on that and maintain your PMA.

Momrn5 - (2/3/2014 - 10:24am)

Good Luck to you Kevin.  Wishing you a speedy recovery and continued NED status after tomorrow.  

Prayers and positive thoughts to you and your family.  Keep us posted on how you are doing.


Good Luck to you, Kevin!  Praying for you and hoping that you will soon be NED.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Keep us posted!



Sending healing thoughts your way!


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Kevin, second things first, That was not a football game!  If Denver had either a offenwsive or defenive line it coould have been!  Of course we want to know how the operation goes and just what is found, and expect much better feelings (aand mobility) in another week!   GET 'ER DONE!

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

Denver was doomed from that first awful snap into the endzone.

I will feel better when I get through this awful GoLytely "bowel prep" fluid. I don't drink a gallon of stuff that tastes good so this is really a challenge. Just had the scary visit from the anasthesiologist... will be happy when this part of the melanoma journey is over.


Tina D - (2/4/2014 - 1:45pm)

Ah yes, Golytely. not an accurate name, in my book. Glad that you are now on the road to recovery! Be sure to use those pain meds they offer, so you can move around. as best as possible. Each day is one step towards being better, even if it doesn't seem to feel like it at the moment. First few days are the worst, then getting the bowels back on track. Hope all has gone well with you, and will look forward to updates when you are able.

Also... just a thought. Abdominal binders can go a long way towards helping support when up. Sometimes they do not deem them appropriate, other times they are appropriate  but they dont think of it ( just my experience). Anyway... might be worth asking about. I found one to be a great halp after one of my abdominal surgeries.

Prayers for an uneventful and quick recovery!