Heart Disease & Melanoma

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9/24/2010 5:40pm
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If you have Melanoma and want to treat it, you better not have Heart Disease.  Tried  to get into a Clinical Trial, no luck.  Dr. says he can't treat it with anything strong that may stop growth because of the bad heart.  And it is bad so no arguement there.  I will not have any more Dr. appt. or CT Scans so that is that. Maybe I can find some un-orthodox treatment that will help. This will be my last post.

jag - (9/24/2010 - 5:46pm)

Very sorry to hear that your heart disease is causing you difficulty.  Which clinical trial were you trying to get into?

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washoegal - (9/24/2010 - 7:00pm)

That is a common problem I have heard from a lot of prople trying to join clinical trials.  I wish this wouldn't be your last post, you still may find helpful suggestions and support here.



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