Help Deciphering a Pathology Report

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7/17/2017 12:08pm
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I am seeking advice regarding a recent biopsy report.  I was diagnosed with Melanoma in Situ in December 2016 and recently returned for a six-month skin check.  A "mole" was removed and the following patholgy report was sent back: 

Right lower back: H&E stained sections reveal a shave speciment of skin in which there is a compound melanocytic proliferation. Within the epidermis the melanocytes are arranged within small nests and single unit cells with mild atypia and disorganized growth yet without full confluence or significant pagetoid spread. Within the dermis there are scattered superficial nests admixed with a patch lymphoid inflitrate and scattered melanophages. Overall lesion appears to be small and relatively well-circumscribed.

IMPRESSION: Right lower back: compound lentiginous nevus with mild atypia, not identified at a margin in the sections examined.

This was read at dermatopatholgy NE in Bellevue, WA on 6/27/2017.

My dermatologist contacted me by letter with a note that said, "contact me if it repigments."

For peace of mind, should my husband and I be assured this is nothing of concern. Or, knowing I was diagnosed six months ago with melanoma in situ, would the recommendation be made to have the original and this present slide read by a melanoma center.

Thank you for helping us understand the report.

This is a mildly atypical lesion that has clean margins.  I wouldn't give it another thought unless, as the note states, pigment regrows.  Even then, it's something to show your derm and not necessarily reason for concern.  Mildly atypical lesions are as close to "normal/benign" as you can get.

Thank you!